A Simple Me, Daring For Ultimatums

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hurmm-ing when humming


I'm tired with myself to my concept of respecting other peeps' intelligence (or whatever it is). But I don't want to discuss it.

Days here are hard and nullified for bash-ups. I'm fine. Too much and too many works.

So, you are fine, I believe? Hope you are. Some Polaroids are wider, so just embrace the life. Let your life glow, that's all.

Be happy :)

P/s Sorry for no words in 2 days.


  1. ok now, i'm burped up. how could i count the days wrongly?...it was just a day that had no words...oh yeah, my biological hours of sleeping has been changing since to since, so forgive me...and i could not recall well on the minutes of passing by.