A Simple Me, Daring For Ultimatums

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How I wish I could hold your hands and walk with you, listen to your voice with holding the glowing Lantern tonight


I miss your voice. The voice that I've fallen in love to listen to. 

I still have the memory of your voice in my head. Clear and serenely sounded.

How I wish I could talk to you now over the phone, verbally spoken.

Today is the craziest day but I like it because I laugh. I hope you have the same thing too.

Though happiness is what we are heading for, there are always other feelings that perfect the happiness. If you are sad, I am sad and I will not make it sadder. If you are angry, I am calmly angry and I will assist you. If you are in despair, I show you my sexy body with some twists of clownish behaviour hahaha....Let me share your feelings. Don't worry I am a grown-up. :)

I am always there for you though we are apart because it is just amazing of longing you...It makes me swimming into your veins.

Be happy :)

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  1. yes, I understood of what you said...hmmm...i really do...I could keep my heart...I could...

    I swam in your words and drowned in your language just now...My sister sent me a copy of yours...and i received it this 11.00 a.m and I love it.