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Monday, July 12, 2010

Living the day with something we call as débutante

it's been the most unexperienced day this day because i've started the day with assembly of wretched wraths (i don't complain but it seems they don't see us as academicians, perhaps me the academician, but students of not learning anything for their fucking literate life)...It is EPIC!!!....yeah blah blah it up, i don't mind, you are you, me is me...waaarrrggghhhh, i don't have to daddy you on this...huhuhu....

then after that inmost opening, I've come to class of this watermarked fuming don't-even-understand knowledge and i am screaming for exhaustion...Watching World Cup Finale early of this morning and waiting for the scored goals (the unexpected law-not-so scored goal kicked in) were the most happy time...but When the Sun has raised, it turns out to be screaming sombre...huhuhuhu...waderfarrkk i enjoy sombre feelings...that's not me...seriously, that's not me.....

there's another class which i'm in now....I don't care her lecture...I just blog in huhu...is this EPIC?...NO, absolutely NO!!!...I have ever done this before...many times...many many times...huhu...marah la marah, i don't mind, i feel fine...lalalala...

I was in my room for 10 mins during recess as i wanted to bring my laptop to class, then there were boys with errr-not-so-good-feeling Adidas repellent sprayed over their body on a very hot weather, walking tip-toeing to impress me or anyone with their stench, i spelled "Shitfume" loudly...the logic is, if you know that the perfume is powerful its scents, don't get over-excited to spray much on the underarms, ass, penis, or other parts, do require the knowledge of Malaysia heated over-rated weather!!!....Putting perfume much makes you warmer in the coldness....Putting perfume much in the hot weather makes you hotter?....hmmm....actually NOT, you will be smelled like living-moving piglet lalalaaa

Good Monday Today...Feel it!!!


  1. welll...it's not that bad actually...hahaha

  2. hi stella, u've got to experience the life here...yeah, i had experienced the life here, but that time sucked me less...this time, for the sake of one year, i've been under strong regime....me, fighting it again?...hell yeah, if it concerns my life security here huhu...I had done this before huhu...I just hope i will not do this anymore...hey, you came to IPTI, right?...why didn't you tell us (if that's necessary hehe)?

  3. LOL...okay okay, i can already imagine the life u guys have gone through in IPTI there. What I can say is, WHAT A BORING LIFE. LOL...never mind bro, just hold on. It's ur final year already right? stay strong bro, stay strong... yeah, we came :) well you didn't ask LOL... IPTI looks....boring for me but at least ur guys punya life there is kinda systematic right? heheheheh

  4. in ultimate systematic life style we have here hahaha....every day here you will just say "amazing, awesome" just to make you centered hahaha...one year is a long journey but we will run many times to make the days run faster.