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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just 2 days in Institut Perguruan Temenggong Ibrahim, I'm already sewel huhuu....Just because of non-stop nags...I feel like an embryo with lots of sexual hormones in my veins..

This is Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Perguruan Temenggong Ibrahim Johor Bahru (IPGKTI JB) that takes me back in for June 2010 to June 2011...I've come here in July 4 2005, and left in April 27 2008....

For two days straight, I couldn't take my mental to happiness anymore!!..Cohort 4 has been under situation of loads of heavy nags from all lecturers that come to teach and educate us....Those heavy nags are good, believe me....lalalalalaa

This is the main entrance....It's like a monastery for nuns, brothers, and priests you know, because this bloody institute is on hills...and some places are like deserts hahaha....I think such environments like that are good for training the trainee teachers - you know, seeking the Light of Illumination in teaching line hehehe....

This is where I'm staying for one year only...This is Block H for males only, bapuks or nyahs, or pondans, or pengkids, or tomboys can enter, but with identical name tag lalallaa...I stay in the ground floor huhuu...H means Haunted Haven, because all Male Homosapiens, practically Homoschuatus (Bigfoot) are haunting each other with some edgy attitudes hahaha...believe me?...Bah only....

This is my room...that name tag is mine...This room is big and has me and my roommate, Ling Leong King....We have just marked our 6th Anniversary of Roomating last Sunday, 27th June hahaha....We are roommates and mating together in the room (suspiciously discovering our sexualities...it's good to explore your manly in another male's body hahahhaaa....just log on to Hancockmen.com for better understanding hahaha)....and Mr. King is from Sibu Sarawak. I'm a Sabahan, and we are Borneons. We came in 4th July in the same time, 4 pm, registered together at the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Pelajar, and jammed in a bloody room together, but we are not in the same class of studying TESL...He's B.Ed 1, I'm 2...We were the late comers that we were supposed to check in before 2 pm that time hahaha...I came here alone, but he came here with his mama hehe...He felt strange why I did come here all by myself, because he asked me "You come here alone?...so brave..."...and I just answered him "It's just Malaysia, my friend hehehehe (seriously I giggled that time hahaha)" hahaha....We both will win the BEST ROOMMATE AWARD again this year hahahha...I can't wait to get the prize again...

My fucking stuffs to be put into the closet...big closet...I can kill someone and put the corpse in there...or...I can have a female prostitute or a male prostitute, or perhaps 2 persons for each gender to be kept hiding from checking in it hahahah...I love sex so much...because I'm a teenage human, not a virgin friar hahahaa....That's my boxer, the blue one in Ketupat design, on the bed, wanna smell, make perfume? hahhaa....my Macmillan Dictionary has been with me for ages...I just bought that red pail and Dynamo huhuhu...I need a maid, oh never mind, my roommate is actually a room maid (identify the homophones when speaks roommate and room maid) hahaha...so he will be my maid, bully, bully, him hehehe

This is the study table that I have all my studying tools planted hahaha...Including the electric kettle as my studying add-on tool for maggie-ing and half-boiled eggs hahahaa

Done with packing and putting stuffs into where they are supposed to be...and I've spent 2 hours cleaning up the room...This was my senior Cohort 3 room whose name was Bali and I saw his Maklumat Asrama Pelajar in the Toilet, particularly on top of the big mirror in there as UNTUK TATAPAN UMUM hahahhaa....and this is my bed with my fucking comfy quilt and two pillows hehee...I can't wait to semen them and salivate them, for marking the territory of mine hahahaha

This is my site of living in this bloody big room...my roommate is cropped from this picture, so baaadddd...because this is my blog okay, live with it!!!! hahahaa...I just wanted to show you which site I'm in hahaha....Our room is undeniably facing the road where every single soul can see me naked and doing outrageous activities and behaviours as the curtains are pinned at the edges, never close down hahahha

and this is me, the new Insurance Agent, fully prepped up with certain skills...wanna buy insurance from me? hahhahaa....I look so fucking weird wearing such attire like this, I don't know why...It's like I'm going to have a porn shoots with a theme of high class people having sex in the public hahhaa....and it's like a pornstar who has an annual meeting with all known pornstars all over the world hahahha...this is just a fantasy, okay...lalallaa

Yes, there are a lot of things in here I haven't said loudly, but I shall do them later okay, just be patient...It's gonna be a fantastic vacation in here....eerrrrr....metaphorically....hahahhahaa

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