A Simple Me, Daring For Ultimatums

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm babbling and bawling but I am dope up

It was utterly horrible yesterday because rashes, dizziness and heart-race were killing me down to bed. I was sleeping in sequential time, meaning all the time. It was because of the porky chicken fried rice that I accidentally ate it without noticing what was inside. Meds were in. Now, I am okay2 lah.

Hi, i hope you are fine and happy. I'd like very much to see your happiness glowing. Eat well, perhaps, you get a shape a bit...well, i just recommend about it.

There are many to be said, but I'll just conclude "Time has the words. Let the words be heard in time". I am still in dope-ups.

Have a nice day :)


  1. mr Mark the Giant... felling well suda ka?

  2. hahaha...hi elisa marie hahaha...lama suda sa tia dingar tu gelaran o hahaha

    mana satu feeling well ni ah?

    kalo allergic tu - sedang la mo bagus2 suda..

    kalo, yg satu lagi tu - hmmm...

  3. hahahhaha....ko betul2 allergic ka pla dgn tu barang? kihkih...mcm lucu pla sa dengar..
    sabar ja la kio mr.mark. ko kn Hercules. Get well soon..