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Monday, April 19, 2010

I am a Jock, you do my geometry – Bonus!

I have been seeing a lot of things going on in the matter of gender segregation that happens since I was a toddler till who I am now. But, I don’t even want to discuss what happens at home that I always (sort of adverb) see it with my very eyes. All I want to talk about is the nature of power, high and low, black and white, blue and pink and you and I; that these are not meant to be classified as raw meat for mere thoughts (I mean your brain – cognition and mental development).

The idea of this, as I have grasped in my most astonishing moment, is taken from a scenario of two lives combined in one physical relationship that people say “AS ONE”, illuminated by ONE blinding-light power that may destroy Vatican at ONE second in ONE night, metaphorically.

[We cannot build Rome (Vatican is in it too, so…) in ONE day, but Rome can be destroyed by just ONE phrase “Push The GAGA Button”]. What I mean here is, you may not build yourself (yourself and others related to your personal life, so…) in ONE day, but you can be destroyed by just ONE sentence at ONE time speaking, “I am a Jock, you do my geometry – Bonus!”

Everyone knows JOCK right?...Jock is what people think of Sports that the PERSON has done a lot of sports…

Not this one!

Do you know geometry?...why can’t I just say “Everyone knows GEOMETRY right?”? …..let me tell you, at least to my point of consideration that you are supposed to know the meaning of geometry, that geometry is Mathematics : ONE part of Mathematics that studies the relationships between lines, angles and surfaces….

I have chosen JOCK as the least favourite word of the day because it has been classified to those who have big shouldered-fidgeting ego and big nostrils, big buck teeth, big mouth, big CRY and big LAUGH in the most unspeakable, yet speakable way (got it?...emmm…don’t let me daddy you for this kind of thoughts)…and I have chosen the phrase “YOU DO MY GEOMETRY – BONUS!” as to kick some “asses” off the “back”…

When I was schooling at kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, pertaining to what I should get just for the sake of lifetime achievements, I had tried everything, in which it meant about sports and academic. The levels that I had stepped and explored made me realized of what I saw in the past. What I saw in the past I put it in this phrase “I AM A JOCK, YOU DO MY GEOMETRY – BONUS!” However, all things I did myself. Along the way, throughout the journey (yeah, like people say), I did see some jocks (in my full praise) and some semi-jocks (the lowest or SO-SO sporty humans) had done terrible things to their girlfriend[S] or boyfriend[S]. They had asked them to do their school works!...fascinating, isn’t it?...cool, isn’t it?...BONUS! (with a cluck and a left-eyed wink, then lips “pursed” in big SMILE)


What makes a JOCK if he/she does that to their whatever-corresponding persons?....Let me give you the answer options…YAY!.... CHOOSE ONLY ONE ANSWER, THEN TRY TO REFLECT IT TO YOURSELF (I cannot do the reflections for you all the time)

A) God

B) President Bush

C) Sadist


E) Lion or Tiger in the Woods

And what do you think of those who have been given the bonus doing all the GEOMETRY?....I know you people, you all like answer options , yay, I give them to you…CHOOSE ONLY ONE ANSWER, THEN TRY TO REFLECT IT TO YOURSELF (I cannot do the reflections for you all the time)

A) Adam and Eve

B) Condolleezza Rice

C) Masochist

D) A sex slave or just a slave

E) Lioness or Tigress in the Woods for no reasons

Speaking of reality

1. JOCKS are intelligent! Right?....they ask people to do their academics because they have POWER

2. YOU are intelligent too! Right?....you are asked to do it, then you do, so that you will be always cared of and on the track of fame for being with the JOCKS

3. JOCKS are hot and gorgeous! Right?...they can rally on every single sport with the same musky undescribed-colours clothes (the clothes are all about what people do wear)

4. YOU are hot and gorgeous too! Right?....you can also rally on every single assignment with the same pen, same notebook and same baggy eyes, and of course, same course of late nights. All these are hot and gorgeous because you have your own SIGNATURE of doing stuffs for someone

Questions to ponder

1. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

2. Didn’t you realize that you have been used?

3. Don’t you have brain?

4. Don’t we have the same education? Why give help?

5. Didn’t you realize that your manly (for men) behaviour is scratched by yourself?

6. Didn’t you realize that your self-awareness-and-maturity (for women) behaviour is scratched by yourself?

p/s No. 5 and 6, all humans, despite the sex, can be manly, matured and having self-awareness at either early or later life…it depends on your values, principles, cognition and mental development that surf in to your physique…


1. If you have feelings for the jock, I think it is okay….just pay up the
consequences…dare to!

2. If you feel you want to be famous alongside with the jock, I think it is fine…”BE CRUEL TO BE FAMOUS”…(agree?....BAH!) – BAH is an expression of never believes in…

3. If the jock wants you badly, but the jock confesses to you that the jock is quite dumb, I think it is um-um okay…

4. If the jock puts you in the first place for being ULTRA FAMOUS, I think it is superb!...

Don’t get cheated!

Important Message

I write this to not offend any jocks and ‘you’ who have this kind of life….I just have thoughts about it, and I just deliver it in the most excruciating acceptable manner….Don’t get heart feelings…and my apology is what takes the next moves….;)

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