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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I love Mark!!!! hahahaha.....It sounds so Narcissism yo!

My funny moments when

1. I was at any airports in Malaysia; the crew addressed me like these
a) Hello Sir, Welcome to Malaysia!

b) Hello Sir, Welcome to Sabah, The Land Below the Wind!...Have a fun trip there/here!!!

c) Hello Sir, How are you?...Are you a model?....I like your skin colour!!

Hahaha…..I am a Malaysian, a Sabahan who lives in Sabah for many years, enjoy Sabahan lifestyle so much, enjoy the weather and scenery of Sabah…but I am not a model…and thank you for liking my skin colour (Mark likes this) hehehe….

I have encountered these many times already huhu…when they saw my Malaysian ID, they just smiled or chuckled hehehe (nah kau, kotoh) hehehe….I’m sorry my looks are just INTERNATIONAL hahaha

2. I was at the ticket counter, the crew addressed me
a) Hello Sir, you again!!!...with the smiles

b) At Kota Kinabalu, they addressed me as a TEACHER!!!! Huhuhu….CIGU lagi tu, because they kept asking me why I travelled so often in my bloody life by flight…nah sepa mo jawab itu? hehehe

Actually I have been buying my tickets in the counter and changing the dates of my tickets many times in the counter hehehe….so they really recognized me…especially, the ladies at AirAsia KL Sentral hehehe….

At MAS KL  SENTRAL will be the men hehehe….but I guess they forgot me hehehe because I am not there anymore…and the Airasia Counter and the Check-in counter at Terminal 2 in Kota Kinabalu too….

3. I was at the departure entrance at every airport I went; I would be frisked….I didn’t carry a GUN, except I already have A LONG GUN in my BOXER hehehe

a) and I told the Security Boy/Man at Kota Kinabalu Terminal 2 or International KK Airport , “oh myy, ko ramas sa oh….Ramas la lagi, I likeee!!” hahahaha…what do you think of the boy’s/man's responses towards this?....he laughed BIG first….hahahah….

Then, he said “Bah, nt kita main ramas- ramas Mesra lg hehehe…bagi number ko (errr….sa tia bagi, takut la kena pedophile kan hehehe)”…..my implication was “eeeee GATAL GERSANG abang ni, aku bukan bohsia la” hahahaha….ada berani me talked like that? Hahahaha….me on the other hand replied “Ramas-ramas Mesra, I like that term…hahaha…but I won’t give you my number, sorry….Just catch me if you can!!! Hehehe”

4. I was at Senai Airport I spoke total English to them hehehe….so they thought of me a FOREIGNER hehehe….an educated foreigner actually (perasan!!!), then they kept saying about how beautiful Malaysia was, how their life led them to, and they were really surprised that I would be pursuing my studies in MPTI (now IPGM KTI) hehehe…

Then they asked where I came from, and I said “I am from Sabah, a Malaysian…I’m sorry I have the slang when I speak English hehehe….I can talk Bahasa but I find it funny for me to speak it (errr….I think most people know that Bahasa Malaysia makes me lively and retarded) hahaha”…they just smirked or buat muka “TEWAS, PUKIMAK” hehehe…I love and I HEART their expressions hehehe…

5. I was at my own bloody hometown and other places in Sabah, they kept smile smile at me from distance….at first I was really hateful those people who did that to me like that….REALLY HATEFUL!!!...

Then my mum and dad told me that I am just SPECIAL hahaha….SPECIAL? DOWN SYNDROME BOY? Hahahaha…

Hell yeah, I am retarded what hahahah….when I approached them and spoke them in front of them, to their face, they would be LARI LARI or their eyes looked to anywhere and they SMILED LEBARRRRR-ly huhuu….I REALLY FEEL DISTRACTED TO THAT!!...

Come on, speak to me by looking at my eyes…my eyes are too HAWWTTT for you to admire, well that’s your problem not mine!!! Hahaha….but, I say to myself “Never mind, they love me, I love them too” hehehe….orang Asians kan, I am a bit Western Boy (giteeewwwww hahahaha)….sugar high ni! 

Lalalala….and they even tried to speak to me in ENGLISH and I just laughed laughed…I never forget my BLOODY ROOTS la, except I speak English to my own races to see his/her attitudes towards modern ego hahahaha….me baaddd, so baaaddd….But, I am really sorry for doing that hehehe…..forgive me ;)….

6. I was at Kinokuniya KLCC, MPH, POPULAR, HARRIS or other bookstores….they easily addressed me as a “TEACHER”…whadarfark?.... I pakai baju pun koyak2. I had messy hair but I smelled good….my language was VULGAR!!!....pun still kena addressed as a “TEACHER”…huhuhu…Why is God so KIND????...WHY?....WHY???? hahahaha

7. I was among the elders (I mean old people – like uncles and aunties who had had sex many rounds in their fucking life hehehee)….they would be joking jovially at me, hugging me or/and kissing my cheeks like I had when I was a little child (when they had wines or sometimes no wines in their blood)

….eeeeeeuuuwwww Mark, you are such a RETARD!...oh shut up Mark!!!....and, they would be asking me to dare myself to drink wines of their offers and they would be asking me a lot of questions like

a) Do you have a girlfriend or girlfriends (or a boyfriend or boyfriends....lalala)?

b) When do you want to get married? (Very famous question!!!)

c) What are you doing right now?

When (a) & (b), I said no, they would recommend me with their DAUGHTERS who sat just a few metres from me, yeah their fucking daughters are BEAUTIFUL, FERTILE AND FUCKABLE!!!...but, I look for INTELLIGENCE, HOT METER, GOOD-IN-BED and PERSONALITY ( I didn’t tell them about these hehee)…

I just smiled hahaha….then, when I told them that I was still studying, they would even more eager to request me as their son-in-law hahahhaa….(and I just heard and heard, and I just jawab “Bah, bah, tingulah, bah, bah, nanti kamurang ask my Mum and Dad la ah, hidup lagi durang tu hehehe)….hahaha….me sooo bbbaaaaaaddddd….lalalalala

THE BLOODY UNCLES would ask me about THE SIZE OF MY PENIS every time they surrounded me….eeeeeuuuwwww PERVS!!!....they even told me that they had no faults at looking at my DICK NOW, as they had seen my DICK when I was a child hahaha….

I BLUSHED BLUSHED, you know!!!...they even tried to pegang mine, but I said to them “If you wanted to pegang my BLOODY DICK, you have to play IT…give me a HAND-JOB or a BLOW-JOB or BOTH!!!”….hahhaa…some of them stopped teasing, well the others wanted it so baaadddd….Did I let them play?....No, cannot….INCEST BAH! Hahahaha….

8. I was at and still am at IPGM KTI, they spoke to me Mandarin or English bertaburan….hehehe…they thought me a Chinese and some other nationalities around the world hahahaha, that's why they did that to me….I LIKEEEEEE!!!!!

9. I smiled and had a very happy young heart, they also smiled and had their happiness coming to them….and I liked to give hot statements and of course teasers hahaha, they would do the same things to me, and we all laughed like there was NO HELL at all!! Hahahaa….and they gave me NAMES that I JUST LAYAANNN, but I LIKEE hahaha…they were doing SINS right?...so the PAHALAs ARE FOR ME!!! Hehehe

10. They had different opinions about my race was…Some said I looked like an American, a Pinoy, etc….or recently looked like “Shahir AF8”, etc….or I am a MODEL hahahaha…..me a model?...MODEL IKLAN MAGGIE maybe hahahaha….

Thank you thank you people for doing these as my happy moments…It is not sinful to make a person happy…and I am not mengada- ada attitude over these, I am not proud, but I am soooo surprised that you people are so amazing and intelligent doing these to me hahahaha….Me, Mark the happy retarded boy, yeeehhhaaaa…Let’s us be happy (^^,)...

Actually, I still have lots of happy moments in my life, but let just these be shared for you hehehehe....do love yourself, do love people, animal, plants and other things and GOD of course!!! hehehe....


  1. oh dear marky mark...(haha, another one for u)
    they may call you whatever they please..
    no matter which jackass u look like
    1 thing i just discovered
    u are 1 helluva writer...
    that fact just made ur looks wayyy overrated

  2. hahaha....

    atie:...Marky Mark?...oh my, am I like Mark Walhbergh in his own CK? hahaha....yeah, but i tell you, I got that name many times already, but i am so pleased that you call me such a name, seriously (i'am okay la hehehe)...hahha...thank you thank you for reading my blog hehehe...i am a jackass blogger hehehe...thank you for complimenting me that too hehehe...my looks are innocent ka, baik hati punya face all the time ka? hahha

  3. well, considering i nvr had a chance (or purpose)to stare at ur face to really take a close look...
    let's just say.. between the two of us..
    u can put any male model out there to shame..
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. how's that for a boost of confidence?
    seriously, what's with the fuss anyway..
    people find you eXotic kut.. so they ponder and wonder.
    its nice kan when people notice us..
    i'd like that kind of attention.. MINUS THE GROPING OF COURSE!!

  4. atie: hehehe....exotic looks huh? hahahhaa...thanks hehehe....but i cannot be a model, shy la, and we have contracts...but i will decide when i want to XD...

    err...yeah, i think it's nice when people notice and scrutinise our looks, but i don't like when some people do that to me at distance, it makes me uncomfortable and frisky...when i talk to them, eye to eye, they wouldn't even look at my eyes, or not eye to eye, their torso is forwarded to other places...and when they talk to me by forcing their eyes to me, their eyes become bigger and sooo fake...my head says "she/he might be angry at my looks"..hehehe...perasan! berangan!

    people ponder and wonder at my looks?...hmmm...so scary, but i likeee ;P

  5. hahha...just like me.ko perasan ka? sa pn mata lari2.hahha.well, malu la nk stare on 1st meet.hehehe..maybe nex time, muka x malu ni akan merenung urat2 muka ko...anyway, love ur blog n ur story.i think i've become a fan laa...kihkihkih

  6. Wendy (my sister's best friend and one of my admirers when i was a little child...sa masih ingat lagi kamurang slalu cubit2 pipi sa lepas tu kamurang cium2 sa ...eeee....i likeeeee...hahaha):...hahaha, jgn terasa ah, sa cuma kali talampau perasan baitu, sansitip durang bilang, over katalampauan hahhaa....yeah, mmg gitew tu kan malu2 mo tingu mata org kalo first meeting, tp kalo sa, sa langgar ja heheh...tp sa suda biasa bah kena buat camtu, and sa suda biasa bepikiran begitu which i like and i am happy...tp lama2 (takes months or years) baru la tu org bole tingu mata dan muka sa kalo bckap, besala tu...

    hahahha...thank you thank you for reading my bloody jackass blog, macm kimak kan ni blog, sama cam urang dia, c PUKIMARK hahaha....wah becoming my fan ko sama sa, terusss terseronokk i lalalala...(^^,)-V

  7. hahaha...Mark, ko ada PUKI pla..sa x tau.(terkejut & ketawa keci2..hihihi).....ooo TIDAKKkKkkkkkkk. jan ko perasan arr...bila masa pla sa cium2 pipi ko? sa meNAFIkan 100%. Ini fitnah. sa cubit ja tuu..yeah2.besala 1st jumpa. 2nd time mesti ko rimas dgn sa.hahahha...tingula lau ada kesempatan.lau tida pn sa cri ko d ruma dad n mom ko.suru ko blnja 1 tajau.hehe..cukup umur sda ba kn ko? kita sampai kalapik kio. kihkihkih...

  8. wendy: hahaha...buduh! hehehe....ele ele, shy2 ko ah hahaha...actually mmg ko teda pun, yg selalu mo cium sa tu c Divina Cagampang and Jelcia hehehe...kalo sa rasa rimas, sa lari sikit2 tu pastu tangan sa pandai melambai lambai babai hehehe....d keningau, rumah mamy sa, d kk rumah bapa sa, so pilih ja tempat, tp sa belum cukup umur oh mo moginum, masi minum susu lagi ni, susu dutchlady hahaha....kalapik?...errr dulu la time skul d skolah menengah rendah, skrng marak tu mata sa but my cheeks are rosy red haha XD...so kalo ko nakalapik, ko kasi pass ja dgn laki ko tu hehe, so sambung lg minum kan..yg penting minum banyak2, jgn lupa kencing banyak2 hehe