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Thursday, March 12, 2009

As a Scriptwriter

Writing a script is a new experience for me. I have never imagined how I start to write it. I worked with my friend to write and to brainstorm ideas of the plot. This assignment required 3 drafts to be submitted to and to get commentary by the tutor and lecturer as well.

I was pleased to hear that both tutor and lecturer did not have any opposition to reject our script. We started to brainstorm ideas relating to any issue happened among young teenagers these days before we arranged the conflicts and events in the plot of the story. We had decided to put more conflicts in the rising actions. This had to ensure that readers would get hints of the whole situation and the title itself. On the climax, we had decided to put the main character’s determination with the significance of butterfly to tell the readers that it was the turning point. As for the falling actions, we thought that the main character should have conscience of herself, then it led to the resolution where she determinedly wanted to change herself for better life.

The title of this play is Nurjanah. Nurjanah, as we thought, is a very significant name to remember. Bearing this name with such a fat body is a laughing stock among teenagers. In the play, she had been treated badly, prejudiced and stereotyped.
I would like to thank my friend who was a partner for writing our play that he conjured brilliant ideas during the process.


  1. while reading your post about being a scriptwriter, i jump into my conclusion that everyone can be a scriptwriter. Being a good or prolific scriptwriter doesn't mean you must read thick novels or able to write poem beautifully. i think what you need to be a good scriptwriter is your passion and great ideas to deliver to the reader. I state here that the idea must be original and motivating to the reader. So,the writer shouldn't be proud of himself while writing, because the one who will convey your messages are your reader. If you tend to show your good side of writing by using complex words or extravagant idea where only you and yourself could comprehend it, it is to no avail. Please don't patronize yout reader !!

    I also agree with you that brainstorming is needed to write a good play.Since the task is required us to write an issue about the teenagers,we must state in mind that our main subject is adolescents, so,the use of language,conflicts and issues must engage with their life. Not something taken from the fantasies book that you have read!!!

  2. thank you Mr. Frantic..i think i know what you mean..having lots of knowledge of others' culture doesn't mean that you are great in putting them into words.what is to be considered is the acceptance of that knowledge and the validity of the issues conjured..

  3. Hey Mark...
    Writing a script not only new for you-it’s also new for me. Despite, it was quite difficult at first; however I enjoyed the final product. We should be glad that we were allowed to write it in pairs. Imagine if we have to do it individually, I am sure most of us would be stuck halfway. Doing in pairs also allows us to get more ideas on how to develop the play (my group came up with a lot crazy ideas, but we did not include it our play) He...he...he...
    It is good that your script was not rejected. As for my group, it was not rejected also, but had some parts where Dr.Edwin jotted “Yawn”. So we had to change those parts.
    I think you brought the flow of the story very nicely especially the climax point, where you signify the turning point with the main character with the transformation of butterfly.
    As our target group are the upper secondarily students, I think the issue that you brought in your play, which is obesity, is very suitable. It is very vital for us to know the target group, as it allows us to narrow down our issues and only concentrate on the issues that our target group might be interested.
    That’s all from me. Hope you enjoyed writing the one act play as I enjoyed. ;)

  4. "Writing a script is a new experience for me." it's the same with me mark..as for the beginning it's hard to gain the ideas of what kinds of play that he really wants. but after sending the first draft, we know that it's in our right to write any kinds of plays as long as it will suit with the secondary students and suitable eith their level..I also agree with you that brainstorming is needed to write a good play. since we need to prepare it for teenagers, so my group is actually trying to write the script of something doesn’t like a light-hearted play, because at the same time we must give a brief description to the students about love triangle among teenagers. as for you, you use the play to send the messages to the students and it goes same with us..at least when they read the play in the class, they will get the messages and later apply it in their life in a proper manner without choose to be in the wrong side..by experiencing this writing a script it such a great experience but tough one, right? Completing the first draft, no matter how good or bad it is, is the first crucial step in making a good story. When we finish the first draft, we hand on it to Mr.Harold and Dr. Edwin to get their feedback. There are some mistakes that require us to revise and rewrite the script to make it tighter and better paced, to make the characters stronger and the dialog snappier. whatever it is, we have such great experience of writing a script!!