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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daring Tears by Craig Romkema

I knew this particular narrative well-put straight-forwarded poem in details for a very long time, exactly when I studied it 5 years ago...IT IS UNIQUE...extremely just and unique...We sometimes fail to understand literal words...I DO FAIL. I admit it so well that I fail to read such literal words...However, it all depends on your external and internal factors that drive you every day...We are imperfectly perfect '(....

This amazing poem is written by young Craig Romkema who is an autistic in physique, but his feelings are not that autistic...We human, NORMAL HUMAN, WITHOUT SO-CALLED AS AUTISTIC PEOPLE, are NOT autistic in physique, but we are AUTISTIC IN MENTAL....learn to accept yourself in a manner of empathy...and How would we EMPATHIZE Mr. Craig Romkema?....How would WE empathize OURSELVES?....

I really like this poem because giggling or happy-go-lucky mode, or sad or sombre mode is hiding the hardship of reaching happiness in dear life...When are we gonna expose those modes?...We must expose them when there is someone who is able to listen to you attentively, dearly and without bias....That someone could be one or two family members, or your loved one or loved ones...Anyone can listen, but can anyone listen to you MORALLY?...

Daring Tears

My grandpa died last night.
The family cried in grief and shock,
Holding each other in one group hug
While I sat by our space heater
And stared into the darkness.
I was crying inside too,
But no one knew
Because my face rarely shows
The struggles of my heart.

I remember one day when my emotions got through,
When my loneliness reached a point of desperation
And tears came pouring out.
Mom was there to hold me
Until my sobbing stilled.
Comfort is a privilege
But without communication
What chance is there of comfort?

Later last night Mom got out the board
And let me share my pain
Hugged me in spite of my stiff response,
Reached into my heart.
Never never think you understand
How we autistic people feel.
Underneath the giggles, we may be
Dying inside.

Thank God there is someone in my life
Who listens.

Ponder these...

1. How many tenses (present, past, future) are they?

2. How would you know those tenses exemplify and amplify his feelings?

3. Why must he mix all tenses in every stanza?

4. How would you help yourself to embody the misery in justice?

p/s This is not an assignment!!! hahaha

When I was young 5 years ago, my thoughts and idea of this poem, Craig himself, the tenses, the connotations were definitely different from what I have now....Right now, I'm older 5 years ahead, and all is viewed differently, or perhaps, is viewed with some improvements....Those questions are what I have now...What do you say now?

Nah, see these, then you would sense...

You cry, but...Does the grass hear you?...Grass is a good listener...Would your grassy heart listen to someone?

You sniff. You cough little. You close your eyes many times. You just let your tears fall down. You let tears wet down your eyes. You flicker your eyes thrice to make your eyes nice to be looked at....but...Will the Lights listen to you?....Will you listen to the Lights of asking you to cry harder, stop crying and cry again?...Will you listen?

Will you listen?...Will you embody myself as in yourself?...Will you cry if I cry smilingly?...Will you cry if I cry gigglingly?...

Will you just let my tears fall down?....Will I let my eyes shimmer in sparkling tears?....Anyone can cry...but....Would anyone listen to autistically cries?

Will all QUESTIONS listen?

p/s All embedded rhetoric (maybe) questions are not meant to hurt anyone of in-love or friends alike...We are humans...Humans with partially-God hearts....

I've tried to find Craig in details, but the only thing I could get is his picture...I just hope that's him...I am a fan of yours, Craig.

This is him...

Also, there's a book written by him, and published by Jessica Kingsley Publisher

                                        Poems beyond Disability

                       Craig Romkema

                                             Paperback: £9.99 / $12.95 add to cart
                                2002, 216mm x 138mm / 8.5in x 5.5in, 80pp
                               ISBN: 978-1-84310-728-6, BIC 2: VFJD BG
In this collection of poems, Craig Romkema describes the daily journey of an individual whose body is encumbered with the symptoms of autism and cerebral palsy, but whose mind and spirit are relatively unaffected. Forcing the barriers aside momentarily, he shares his life experience, offering insights into a life beyond disability.

The book is expensive and it is limited in availability to get it in Malaysia. How I wish I got this book...wish a lot Mark!!!


But, you may access this for his latest (not-so) walks in literature of poems

Daring tears dares tears tearing down...Simplicity of Acceptance and Empathy...


  1. Sorry About your lost God bless you

  2. Thank you for posting this, it means the world to me :')