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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Words of Comfort or Words for Comfort?

It’s hard to find comforts in the nick of our time having the most devastating discouraging experiences in our lives. Those experiences may teach us how to take secured risks later in our dear life (yeah, I’ve heard this line many times in my life, but I really didn’t see it roughly…I see it transparently because I don’t ignore my first surface feelings about one situation, one matter, one cliché that really puts me down and makes me silently loud. I do care of my first surface feelings)…

They are many subjects to give you comforts when you have a problem or many problems in just a day like friends in real life, friends in virtual life (Facebook or Twitter or others), family gigs, dogs, loved ones, a person of your life, trees, water, etc that they would pat your shoulders, would hug you hardly to take all the negative powers from your body, would sit down and listen to you closely, would share thoughts after they listened to you, would sparkle their eyes to ask you to see the futuristic sense of belongings, would encourage you to stand up but never sit down, would say “I’m sorry. I feel sorry for you.” in the much empathy voice with the expressions and would just “DO” something for you by helping you to fix the problem up for you.

However, if you think that you really need a little while for you to cry, to feel sad, to feel angry, to feel cracked down, to see the cracks on the walls closely to your rough eyes and you don’t even want anyone to know about you now, then do it…Do all the surface feelings first, it’s okay. To enable people seeing or knowing or respecting your stronger strength, it doesn’t mean you have to hide all your feelings in just a corner of a room. You should be able to come out and cry nicely in public. Crying nicely in public doesn’t mean you need the sympathy like beggars, it means you may take yourself a little bit exposed in the public that they could have realized that a problem or problems may not stop you from walking, running and strolling the grounds. You may see this too. Being a strong person, you should let yourself to be a weak person.

When you fell for the first time, you must get up.

When you fell for the second time, you must put a little bit of anger and must put less on embarrassment, and of course, you must get up and run step by step.

When you fell for the third time, you must put 25% of anger in yourself that it will not harm anyone who is close to you, and also it will not harm you completely, and must put a little bit of embarrassment and must put 3% of encouragement, and of course, you must get up, pick the quicksand steps and run two steps at one time.

When you fell for the fourth time, you must stop. Seriously, you must stop. Why?...It’s because you didn’t analyse the problems you have encountered before you do all the positive actions. Think back, analyse, and get up. If you did analyse your problems, then you can continue your steps for achievement and you will never see the Autumn Steps.

When you fell for the fifth time, this is the time for you to accept yourself of who you are that you are just a human of the other part of your live world. Don't do it anymore. Don't force yourself. Don't force your cognition.

There are always helpful realia and even stimuli to assist you with your comprehending over your feelings. Before you have the problems, there were things appeared in the midst of air that you had seen them, but you ignored the functions. Then think back. It’s not worsening yourself and the problems, but it shall help you to see the patterns of the problems. After you had the problems, there are things appeared in the midst of air too. Then think. During having the problems, those things are not seen, but you can feel. It leads to sensitivity, but you better aware of the functions of sensitivity. Sensitivity depends on your autonomous brain, knowledge and interpretative understandings and of course, the levels of anger.

My piece of advice to you,

1. Do take yourself immersing with your feelings first. Let yourself feel yourself.

2. Share your feelings with people or animals, or plants or any free-thinker things. But you must aware of the consequences. Those consequences criticize your gift of having problems. And, your sensitivity takes place which is good…sometimes…but hey, that’s you, no one else.

3. Publicise yourself. It doesn’t mean you go naked and run hundred miles in front of others. It means you need to break free and try to put back yourself (pieces of yourself) nicely. Although you are a mess or like a broken mirror, you still can see the cracks in the mirror and you still can smell the stench of your mess. It’s okay. It means you are growing up. And, those may ask you to get another or to spray another, and they are actually still showing the strength to stand. They are in you, standing…If it is not okay for you to see yourself like that, then ignore yourself for a while…don’t take a long time to rehab.

4. Stay put in your room. It helps you to smile.

5. Solve that problems or Ignore that problems. It depends on your cognition and what metacognition tells you.

6. Pray to God. He listens to you so much. Although He doesn’t speak to you directly, and of course, with His Voice, He has other mediums for Him to channel His Voice to you…If you are a free-thinker, then pray to yourself that you will find the shining LED debris in yourself. Just take it if its light is just dim. There’s always a Light, no matter where darkness is.

7. Encourage yourself to accept yourself and to accept the time of yourself.

8. Be brave. Be strong. Be salient. Be shy. Be weak. Be roughly tolerate.

9. If you do these, you shall know that others are having those problems like yours, and you might as well put your empathy and SPEAK to them. Don’t be quiet, but be silent when you hear them screaming for bewildering comforts. Be attentive when you listen to them screaming for bewildering comforts. If you cannot do those, you have just ignored yourself in yourself.

I might be goofy for this, but I speak. Let yourself free, then let yourself come back to you when you ask yourself to.


  1. the other side of u... tidak ada kata, perkataan, frasa atau ayat yang merapu...
    tiba-tiba dada rasa berat, kelopak mata menahan sesuatu daripada jatuh. ada sesuatu yang terganggu dalam diri.bergolak mahu dilepaskan.hendak berteriak, tersekat di kerongkong......and then thinking, which step am I?

  2. Hi DD, first of all, thank you so much for reading my blog and thank you for complimenting me as the other side of Mark...yes, this is me: The other side of Mark...

    I wrote this blog for a special friend of mine who is having little hiccups facing a problem...I hope that he will be okay and fine...I just don't bother him at this moment for letting himself lamenting and finding infinity of courages...

    if you feel of what this blog has been highlighting the feelings, I think you need to let your eyes tear the tear sacks down...Let yourself cry...and please do step 1...Starting the first step helps you really well..

    Be brave to know yourself ;)

  3. hahaha...tq Mark. The funny thing is, Me,MySELF & I...way pass step 5. I been having the same pattern for the pass 10 years. Repeating step 1-5 each time.(done crying, done praying event torturing myself). I guess the hardest thing to do is letting go. still struggling till now. i know my self pretty well. i almost see the ending of my pattern though, but not quite there yet. i just feel that if i could just SCREAM then everything will be just fine. I be the 'GOOD OLD ME' again.

  4. Congratulations DD for passing yourself over the 5 steps which you did repeat many times...Sorry, "congratulations" sounds so humourous but it is a complimentary for you becoming yourself...

    if you had repeated those 5 steps many times, then i think you should stop repeating. Stop & Stare at the Sky!...seriously, do this...You should be able to tell yourself to the sky while you're staring at it...

    yes, letting go is the HARDEST part, but we need to walk on, to breathe, to think about future and of course to move on...So pick a pebble up, take courage and walk two steps at one time...That small pebble accompanies you to walk on...though alone...

    screaming is also good...do scream, but only once or twice...depends on you...don't do thrice, it sucks!...you are gonna cry again...if you want to scream once but all the time, go karaoke...it's therapeutics!

    Hoping to know that you are as THE "Good Old You" again...

  5. hahah...im suck at karaokeing..but done that.recently..heheh..u know ka, the feeling when u keep repeating the same mistake.not once, but many many many time...It SUCK! it suck all my energy.confident.self respect event my trust to myself. Thank to God, i didn't lost my faith to HIM. cuma malu lah..malu dgn GOD. balik2 ni praying benda yg sama.sampai segan da 'bercakap' denganNYA...now, mcm ada kekuatan suda lah mo berubah. Pengorbanan orang yang mencintai kita dgn segenap jiwa membuka mata hati ni. hehehe...my soulmate i guess.my angel send frm above.hehe..do u think i can change?

  6. hahaha...DD, karaokeing doesn't need you to have the "hallelujah" voice where the doves fly, the winds become timidly nicely blow (so fairytale hahhaa) and the people would get autograph from you (if that happens, i guess your voice is superb)...but you said you sucked at it...it needs you to become who you are, yourself, only....No matter what kinda your voice is, it is you, your true colours which I like, perhaps other people too like them.

    yes, it does suck so bad when you keep repeating the same mistake over and over again...so, you should suck those mistakes, never let them out, digests them and turn them into bloods, let them just run in your veins.

    nah, you have lost all of your energy, confidence, self-respects and your aptitude of trusting yourself while keeping yourself repeating those mistakes, it is time for you to re-energise your soul and revitalise your physical body by eating a lot of food, self-reflections and self-actualisation...Do you know Maslow's Pyramid of Self-Development?...well, google it down, this pyramid helps you...

    i also thank God for you not losing your faith in Him. God's best at listening..He's a good listener!..it's okay to feel embarrassed to Him for you had prayed the same prayers over and over again...well, He listens really well though the prayers are always same...Because I believe and I have ever encountered God's Helps many times in my life, that He will show you what, why and how your prayers are meant in your interpretations...Nah, if you said words (prayers) directly to someone's ears, he/ she might have interpretations of what your prayers are about, but God is not...He understands you..am i preaching? hahaha...surely No, it's just my bloody experience ;)

    So, you have someone special for you that he/she has been in love with you deeply and he/she has opened your eyes, and you have guessed him/her a soulmate, and you have affirmed yourself that he/she comes from God, I think you have just a wonderful life...You can start taking big steps to move on with him/her...

    Yes, I am not just thinking, but I believe that you, DD, can change yourself now to THE new "Good Old You" again..

    Have a better life, I encourage you. Don't stop breathing for your life...Those obstacles may give you carbon dioxides or citric acids, but they are actually helping you to realise the best for your life...I pray for your change, DD.

    Leading yourself to turn into a new leaf is your choice...and be grateful you have friends, families and anyone special around you ;)

  7. Hahaha...ada ke kesah!? hahha..lantaklah suara mc katak kn. but my hubby akn ckp " ur singing SUCK' then laugh hard.hahha..but still love me vry strong.hahha..

    Teori Maslow..hahha..learn that d IPTI. anyway TQ BIG bro.ringan2 cikit bila berbual2 di alam maya ni. maybe ko mmg di takdirkan tuk datang jdi pendengar dan penasihat saya pada masa skrg.hahah...mmg masa yg sangat tepat.heheh..cara God bekerja tu kn sgt indah. dia ja yg tau bila sesuatu itu sesuai tuk kita..hehehe...So, time2 sa d final stage of my cycle ni, ko pn datangla dgn teori2 'mengarut' dan mencarut ko tu. and it work wit me!

  8. Wendy, hahaha...wah, smpai camtu role sa ah sama ko di kala ko berduka ni hehehe...ni lah sa, cuba memanusiakan diri ku yg manusia ini (oohhh ayat syahdu dan kimak haha)...

    yes, God's Works are beautiful! XD

    hahahah...teori2 mengarut dan mencarut sa ni tggl mo kena approved valid atau tidak, itupun kalo sa still mo stay in education hehehe...

    thanks wendy for having fun learning my jackass theories..if they really work for you, I pray for your life that you will always be blessed by God...XD

    kalo ko mo sa tulis ttg any issues yg gila-gila mcm majalah gila2 tu with the logics and rationales i shall provide, ko kasitau sa saja idea2 ko tu, nt sa kasi kembang...Sa skrng ni tulis satu epilogue baini, tp teda masa yg cukup for me to do it, so kena tunggu berbulan bulan laini hehehe

  9. Mark,ko tefikir ke nk tinggalkan bidang terchenta ni? hehhe...

    alahai..start da wording mencarut nya tuu...tak feeling la mcm ni..hehehee...

    Thank U sbb sudi membaca & x buring mereply mslh basi sa ni.hehehe...

    epilog tuk apa 2? for ur blog ka asimen ko? hehe..sa fikir2 lau ada isu yg best+panas arr..hehe....TQTQTQTQTQ bny2 TQ sudi mengkongsi idea kio..GBU too each and everyday.

  10. hahahaha....wendy, bidang ni banyak memberikan sa kegembiraan yg amat indah, mampukah sa teruss berbidang dalam bidang ini? haruskah sa teruss berchenta dgn bidang terchenta ini? hehehhee....XD

    Ok ja bah sa, me-reply, tu pun kalo sa ada masa, energy sa ada, tp masa tu susa o...kadang2 sa gerigitan juga sb org bilang buat tu masa, bukan cari tu masa....mcmlah ada time-machine...err...tiapa nt sa buat hehehe...

    epilogue of MCPs over Women (mungkin sa select one person ja kali as the mcp)...just wait ja la ah, mgkin i try to finish it up during raya or time hols in Nov & Christmas hehehe...sabar yaa peminat...lalalalalla...(^___^)