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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 6 – This is a letter for you

Hi. I am happy. I hope you are happy too. If you are sad today, I am sad. If you are angry today, I am angry. If you are mad at someone or something today, I am mad too. But, today I am happy.

Last night, I felt you again. It was warm and mild. I could even smell your neck. It was romantic. It is romantic. I had a hard-on hahaha….I’m sorry, but I think that’s the nature. I cannot control it when I’m with you.

But, last night I was bitten by mosquitoes. They bit me on my feet and hands. Weird, isn’t it?...I also don’t know why. I have been bitten like that for many years from now. I was feeling lucky that they didn’t bite my chest for you were there. They didn’t suck the bloods of my chest for those bloods were meant for you.

I don’t have enough sleep, but I love the romanticism we had. I want it more. I hope you are okay giving me more. I will give you more. I promise.

I didn’t do much yesterday. I woke up, did some laundry, slept again, read Tony Parsons’ book, FB-ing, jogged, cycled, rode a bike, FB-ing and watched filems. What about you? It’s okay for not telling me about it, because at least, I know you are still alive.

This early morning, I had received a message. It was from Celcom. I thought it was you. But, I am glad to see your name on the screen again after I have deleted the message from Celcom.

I am yours. I promise. J

I love you.

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