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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 7 – This is a letter for you

The 7th day, means the 7th letter. I am not tired of writing a letter to you. I am not fed up doing this. I am exhilarated. Because I need you.

Hi. “Hi” is my signature to you. I never forget about “hi” because “hi” makes me knowing you instantly. I am sorry. I am just clever. I like sci-psych. I hope you are not angry with that. You are clever too. You are humble too. I love your modesty.

I have no doubts in my heart and in my mind about taking you as a catch in my life. I just feel fine. Not like the previous one, I had some doubts. But you, it is different. I feel relax and fine.

My heart is still in pain. I don’t want you to worry about it. It is in pain because I love you and I miss you so badly. Are you in pain too?

I’ve been questioning about why God is cruel to both of us. But, I think His cruelty is the challenging part. I can bear it. Will you bear it too?

I tell you, I have never set ground rules for the only relationship I had before. And, I would never do that to you. The only thing that I want from you is “Sincere Intelligence”. It means you must put sincerity in every intelligence you have. Those intelligences are actually your decisions, responsibilities and roles in every stage of your life. You have your family before I met you. You have your friends before I met you. You have your works before I met you. You have your life before I met you. Be with them. I will wait. I can wait. But at least, if you will, give some time for me. If it is just one second for me, I’ll take it because you have met me.

I miss your mom and your sister. I felt wonderful with them. I am very sorry for I am a modern boy to you that you think I am not suitable to be in your family. Why must you think the class between us is the matter of asking me to shut up?...I also have nothing. If money is the matter here, you are funny. My family has never put money as the first place. What we have put is togetherness and unity of love. I can survive. I am a survivor. Why would I be catching you up if I know you are poor? I am a poor person who does not have enough universal knowledge to make me richer. This is how I define wealth.

Time doesn’t matter for me and, I hope, you, too, because I think we cherish every single second we have had and when we are seeing at each other. I’m fine waiting. I am loyal to you. I am loyal to the Time.

I love you because I sense cognitively that you are the right person for me. I’m not happened to know why, but I sense it. Tell you, I had been many many times rejecting my senses with the close observation on your words and behaviours before I decided to tackle you, and of course, to say “I love you”. I picked a choice and I made a decision out of it, and now, I am paying up the consequences. All these are because I have given my heart to you. You have stolen me.

Not just “I love you” is good enough. They are words. My blooming love for you is much more than words. I am sorry for I did not do much when I had the short break because I respected you and your life. I held it up but I am still here and there for you. I still respect you. This is one of my sincere intelligences.

I am sorry if these are too heavy for you.

Everything I do I do it for you.

Just remember that energize your soul, then revitalize your body as to assist you whatever you are doing.

I am not a stalker. I am a person who is in love with you.

And you are not a wall.

Be happy. 

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