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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 5 – This is a letter for you

Hi. :)
This is the fifth day. Do you know the 12 days of Christmas Song? Yeah, Christmas is approaching us. I hope there’s at least a miracle for us. There is the fifth day compliments in this song. It is like this.

On the fifth day of Christmas, 
my true love sent to me 
Five golden rings, 
Four calling birds, 
Three French hens, 
Two turtle doves, 
And a partridge in a pear tree.

I do not mind you do not send me anything because what I really want is your soul as to be combined with mine. That’s all. Why is there a need for materials (not so much) for us if I can accept you who ever you are?

I cannot stop thinking about you. Last night, I had never been the most calming sleeping. Of course, I was thinking about you, but I could feel you. You made me warm last night and I felt tenderly heavy on my chest. It was like you and I were seeing each other in a dream and physically attached. Yes, I had many dreams of you last night. They were all about you. You smiled. I loved it. I love your smiles.

How are you? I hope you are doing well with your works. Don’t stress out. You just need to remember that they are just works, and you need to solve them up without affecting your life. I know you that you are very passionate person. I am glad that you are passionate. But, seriously, take my advice that you finish up the works with a jovial heart.

If Time is more for us, though we are far from each other, I would love to do a lot of things with you. And, I will keep all the memories in my capturing brain.

I have been shedding tears since the day till now. It’s okay. Don’t worry. Crying is good for me. I think that you are also crying. I could read well from your words. We have been shy to each other. That’s I really called as Love.

Have a very blessed day.

I don’t ignore you.

I concern about you.

Because I love you.

I love you.

p/s I am loyal. I just have some admirers and I don't really treat them as close as I would. I hope you understand.

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