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Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 4 – This is a letter for you


This is the 4th day for me missing and of course loving you. Yes, I’ve loved you since I’ve treasured you in words ago. It gets me stronger and to the point of serenity of having this feeling and the matter of distance.

How are you today? I hope you do fine and well with friends around you. I might be there but not so tangibly appeared. My soul is there physically…these might be my thoughts too, or yours too…I don’t know. But, I sense it.

I’m not fine. I’m having an over-heating body tempt because of the warm weather. This place is too warm for me. I like the Sun but I don’t like the heat of the Sun. My skin colour has come back to tanned skin, hehe, because I’ve been walking and running IN the sun. I don’t like my quite white skin colour. I look so fair and not so lovely for a 6 footer like me. My body is athletic, like you saw, if you have ever remembered, that it isn’t nice to be looked at if I’m a white hahaha…For me, it is nasty.

Let me tell you one thing, I really don’t speak much most of the time. I’d like to listen. That’s why I say less when we had the last meeting. And by the way, I did not tell you that time, that I was totally drunk, like you too. I was in the mood of sleeping that time. But luckily, I was not in the mode. You were drunk too, tired, but you were still there for me to speak words and I listened. How I wish I could have more words to say when we had that time. I am sorry for I was just drunk. That was why you asked me if I was about to sleep. Actually, I wanted to, but I strained the muscles of my eyes to stay open and my sleepy brain to awake because I was with you that time. The most priceless time I could ever have, after each month only we could be seeing at each other.

And, there’s another thing that I need to tell you that I love to smile and laugh. But, not so freely laughing at most times. I love to smile because I’m a happy person, though I’m a guy.
Now, since the last, it’s been 2 months. But, I feel fine. I don’t feel something else, except my heart is throbbing painfully each time I miss you, remember you and chant your name many times while I’m awake or sleeping.

I pray for your well-being. I just want to see you in a good shape. Don’t ever be in fever many times in a year; you might lead to something else. Perhaps, you wanna take my nasty ingredients of curing fever hahaha…

I want to ask you and you must give me a sincere answer. I don’t mind about the answer. I do mind what your angle is J

In scale 1 to 10, who am I to you?

Nah, it is not something complimentary issue, but it is just for fun. We need to find the sparks, okay. Haha..huhu…

I thank Jesus every day in my life for having you. I know I’m the only one do this, but I could sense that you are doing something for us too.

A distance doesn’t keep us apart. This distance keeps us together in respect. This distance binds us. This distance empowers our trustworthy that we have agreed upon.

I still love you. I am in love with you. I don’t forget you.

Be happy and have more blessed friends with you.

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