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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 3 - This is a letter for you

Hi, it is the third day. I'm sorry I've posted it up quite late. I was really tired last night for I had not really slept in the afternoon. Then, I had some activities in the evening till night. Though, it was a holiday, I still had been busy fb-ing hehe...well, I speak the truth because I am sincere.

Now, I write this down at 9.44 a.m. I thought I was going to church this early morning, but I couldn't because it was raining. I have a friend's bike with me. Well, a bike doesn't have the shield-top for me not getting wet. So, I'd decided to get some sleep and I woke up it was still raining...It is still raining.

I am so sorry for making your life sometimes miserable if my texts are too haggling for your days. I am sorry. I should not have texted you anyway, I should have written to you anyhow. Or maybe you do want me to speak to you (or it might be just me thinking like that), or there's nothing to talk about except stares nicely, hugs and hums. 

Now, this sounds like me talks about it. But, it is okay. Let the time decide and say for it. If it wasn't, though it's gonna be painful, I will not forget the love, yet I stay (maybe with hopes or just let-it-go feelings), but I do stay...No pressures.

I don't dislike you. How would I dislike you if I am in love with you?

I hate you. The word "hate" is really equal to Love.

I hate you because you are stiff. You hate me because I haggle you with these that you say disturbances. I hate you because you are afraid of my actions which have guts to speak love to you, but I still remember that you said you wanted me to do it rather than to say it. Well, I have both - the do part and the do-speak part.

Every single day, my heart is so painful. Yes, I miss you so much. But that pain is love. And, after those days, I don't really text you now as I do want you to feel yourself everyday. 

I remember you said that "How come I love someone from distance if I haven't seen that someone?"...You know the answers, mind you. Even if you are a disabled person, but with your quality (my answers have it), I still like and love you. I choose one and I pay up the consequences.

I stop at 10.08.

Happy Sunday.
P/S I love you.

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