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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 2 - This is a letter for you

Hi, I write another letter for you. I think I need to post it up later, not exactly at 12 a.m because it will be doodled later and appeared later in the news feed, so you might not see it in the morning where the sun is really there.

Yesterday, I had lots of stories. My friends left for home, and for holidays, (and I am here for 16 days). Well, that was nature for something like that hahaa…herrm hermm..

Though I didn’t like this subject because it had history (I hate history so much), I still got pass marks. I wasn’t proud saying this, seriously. I found it funny – that’s all. And I did not study it well at all huhuhu. (not proud)

Actually, there were many, but like I said and did a self-proclamation to myself that “I am hot and spicy than others” and many lucu stories revolved around me every day (just retarded hehehe)…sorry for not being humble…I will learn to be…I will cast away those ego bit by bit.

So, now, it is your turn. Tell me, what you had yesterday…if you don’t want to tell, it’s okay. Because I think that you have reasons not to tell me…if you do and would love to tell me about them, then I’ll be reading them and listening to them – I’ll wait and I will wait with smiles on my face. and I can feel you actually.

I still think about you, every single second every single day (awake & doing assignments, and other tasks and during presentations in the classroom) and night (when I’m sleeping – not really sleeping because my brain is attached to my physical memories of yours). Yes, I still think about you.

Hugs and Kisses from me,
I love you.

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