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Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 1 - This is a letter for you

A few minutes more, it will be a month. A month of silent silence, but there is going on literally that I have posted up and showed up to you. I am not in despair, but I am serene. I am serene. It means I still have the pseudo thoughts and feelings for you.

I am sure. I am decisive. I am an alkali. I take risks. I am not a coward to say and to act, like you want, that I need you. I do have feelings for you. I pay the consequences because one of my stands to stay as Mark is I do pay the effects. Before this, I have already said that “I chose, choose, will choose, have chosen you”. Yes, I am sure. The love between us (or maybe it is just mine huhu) is beautiful.

So, in one month, I don’t really ask, say and greet you these…Now, I do want to.

How are you?
Good morning & Good night
You are great, do it when you feel it.
Have you eaten?
Do not flake.
I’d love to hear and to listen to your voice over and over again, because I love your voice.
I’d love to study your words. But, don’t be ambiguous all the time. If you do put ambiguity, well, I guess I will take it as a treasure hunt or a journey towards you.
I respect you. I do.

Forgive me, I am truly sorry for I have caused some emerald mist in the blue sky. I am sorry.

I’ll be writing you a letter every day starting today to days onwards. Read them if you think. Ignore them if you think.

Yes, I still am. Yes, I love you.

Be happy.

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