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Friday, June 11, 2010

Uncle-Sitting or Uncle-Parenting...haha to Unclehood

I beat Mr. Vin Diesel or Mr. The Rock for being an Uncle today because I keep on correcting my nephews and nieces and I think it is more like parenting than sitting them down hahaha....(yeah, I type this in present tense because this is what I always do to them) hahaha...Being an uncle doesn't stick me to my own fucking life (you know, my extreme activities and booze marathon -luckily my heart and liver can stand the amount of alcohol I can take hehehe), it's nice sometimes to spend my time with them so that I will be able to observe what babies and toddlers think and do when they only have a certain capacity of memory and an infinite brain power for learning...I'm also seeing the possibilities of myself behaving like them when I was like them and now, as an uncle who is being an uncle...do you think it's easy?...Hell No!!!...

I'm at my sister's house, Nancy's house...and she has 4 children...My second sister, Linda has her 3 children spending their school holidays at their cousins' house (Nancy's house, of course)...Having them together under one roof is energetically full of wonders because they tend to speak to each other without listening to each other hahaaa...I always laugh and they will join me to laugh at their own freaking faults in communication too...So, I take my camera and snap them up....oh yeah, I've posted before that they are really adorable, yes they are (only this time -babies and toddlers hahaha...I dunno what they are going to be like when they are just like me....sexy? hot? funny? happy go lucky person? etc hahahaa)

and...UNFORTUNATELY, I have to keep my language...I have to seal THE BOX of "Fuck, Shitass, Asshole, Bloody Freak Fuck, Bloody Moron, Idiots, Damn Skimpy Dickhead etc"...and I replace them with ANOTHER FROM-NO-WHERE BOX of "Oh no Kamu, oh myy, oh my God, Uncle marah ni, Kambing Mati, Pilak Mampus etc hehehee"...

Linda's children (Emily Anne, Hazeline Ann, Isaac Ryan)

Nancy's children (Ray Dyllon, Yvonne Claire, Max Elroy, Van Allan)

Max Elroy

He has the biggest eyes so far in the family. I am defeated for the size of his eyes huhu

Emily Anne in the morning: celupar-ing over food hahaha

Naughty One: Middle; Fat and Bad Naughty in a good way: err..you know the answer; Naughty and Quite Garang: Van Allan (the big brother)

Nice sweet girl: Hazeline Ann; Celupar and stern in words: Emily Anne; Funny, Angry But Lemony Sweet Girl: Yvonne Claire (hmmm..the name suits her very well haha)

KFC wants him, McD wants him, Pizza Hut wants him, Kedai Makan biasa pun wants him, Popeye's Restaurant wants him and also other restaurants want him....(Wanna know y?....he's got fat...can make a curry porcupine-sebut betul2)

Being naughty needs a thin body supaya laju lari. Being Isaac Ryan needs a bravery to speak his name in public because he has hit many kids with his fists (errr...all his Uncles tak salah...we never teach, we just sometimes ter-show hehehee)...so badddddd....

She's tough!..What will people do when she speaks powerfully? 

Van Allan carries the name from Netherlands...His Grandma (my mother) is proud to have that name because she is also a kacukan, and our great2 grandpa is from Netherlands...it's just A RACE, not mengada-ada huhu

And of course, Uncle will carry him, but not all the time hehee....oh, it isn't nice to be looked at as a daddy hahahaa....daddyhood-fuck hell hahahaa, but I love children. I think everyone does love children..those who beat them up or gear their anger or lust towards them are lunatics

They've become more exciting when they are singing like hell in the house....yes, practice your voice!!! hahaha

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