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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Break IT Down

I could not imagine that I wrote this (below) as my reflections for teaching Literature after taught of Literature hahaha...just nicely read it...you may find the incredible word that may crack your dexterity ;]

this was for EDU 3208 Teaching Literature in ESL

Reflection on what my former English teacher taught me about Literature Component in English Language in Secondary School

                What I could observe from her was that I could see she was trying so hard to make us understand literature. She did not focus on the appreciation of literature as I do now. She would guide us thoroughly with her condescending attitude but great implications towards our learning in literature. I do agree with her that we were not well exposed to literature and I did not even have any interests to study it by heart. However, with her condescending attitude at her teaching method in the classroom, I would give her a round of applause with standing ovation. I abided her instructions and I managed to do well in learning literature.

                When we were indulged to her condescending attitude in teaching, she had given us an opportunity to become better learner in literature by asking us to write or to build a frame of our own masterpieces. Some of us were managed to publish our literary arts in the school magazines and they were shown in the whole school institution.

                When she taught us about literature, she would have steps of getting our attention to the text that we were going to study. It was successful! We managed to conjure ideas, brilliant ideas and I thought it was an enigma of making us grow up maturely. I thought it really was true! Yes, it really is true as I am today now!

                About the English language that we conversed in her classroom, she would not mind to listen to our grammatical errors in speech as long as we got our meanings and main points outshone the lesson of the day!

                And I might kiss her ground of teaching, although it was condescending, in the future of my career in teaching.

May i laugh at first? hahah

okay, done...

The reflections above were above my Beverly Hill ass because I was so exhausted, dirty and paunchy for the rest 9 weeks that time...I was totally a messed up guy who happened to run after time for all the workloads coming in to my butts, but they were just works, why would i be pressurized?

Yes, it was quite hard for me to study literature and of course, to imagine the situations or somehow the living events of any genres of literature...I love Chemistry and Physics more than Literature, but Literature doesn't kill me. It would just make me happy in advance (errr...I bet you know what I mean)...However, when i was at Form 4 learning about Sonnet 18, I could understand that the sonnet was expressively delivered to a young man...I don't know why...huhuhu...the language of the sonnet is really arcade, but the meaning and connotations are new and modern...;)

so, newbies, as you've read the reflections above, the word of the day is condescending hehee..;) (and it's not meant for any body to feel hurt or touched by it)

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