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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Business la kawan!

hahaha...many people like to tweet tweet when they wanna to say something these days...dunno y?

a) because of twitter?
b) because of modernism that birds are no longer flying in the sky?
c) because of devils that ask us to use the other negativity of a bird's role (soaring peace)?

you pick the answer!

you know why,
tweeting people for the sake of one hell issue that you wanna discuss about is good
i agree on that, but there is one thing that you need to keep reminding yourself all the time...which is the validity of your thoughts...

Your thoughts are always your thoughts
they can be invalid or valid, reliable or not reliable at certain times,
but it can be stopped when you have decided not to tweet anymore...
even if you change yourself right now for you have been tweeting since you know that birds could not tweet anymore, you are still wrong for changing the colour of yourself (black to pink!!!)


because you are still in the colour scheme!
you were in black colour, you must transform yourself to be a shape of black (size and shape)...errr...don't lemme DADDY you on this...but i'm okay to explain it to you if you ask..hehehee...

you may not accuse that small-minded (if there is)people have been bothering your lifestyle because they are not shallow or dim-witted to say things…the only thing that you may want to consider is the logicality and the rationales of what the idea has been said to your face or your ass…it is up to you to accept or decline of whatever the idea is…you can “ignore” or “approve”…it’s all in your brain, not your hands…

my advice is that you must know to detect yourself in the self-detector (^^,)

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