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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Delusional Delusions

A factually fact of other facets of other lives may come to you in the form of generic meanings or, some people say, definitions…Having mere definitions of your life is what makes people no longer say “Get a mirror, Mirror yourself up!”..the most pretentious moments when you have decided to get other people’s mirror to look at and to get ready for your life ahead..

Well, it is not I who shall decide what your life is all about, but it is your hands, feet, body, and mind that decide your life for future…having a thousand miles of life experiences is a good thing, but if you cannot see the silver lining of what the experiences may bring to you in this life, I think, the experiences are failed to impose the good sake of cognition applications here…

I’m saying this to not offending my closed-heart-to-heart person and either persons…I’m just extracting the juices of thoughts from my fresh morning brain today hehehee…because I had seen a lot of things from many people last two weeks ago…I sat down with them listening what they had done to themselves, other people and of course to God, especially their loved ones, and undeniably their personal things in their fucking life…I observed them, I managed to say things but I didn’t dare to speak even louder as I believe myself that I am not that god-perfect…

All I could conclude from my SO-WRONG-DOINGS TO THEM is Delusional Delusions…I know that it is so hyperbole-ly bombastic but that’s how we have been through and how we try to mesmerize others (including animals – oh…you don’t get it?....bah…don’t lemme daddy you on this….but I can, when you ask me about it heheehehee…)

Delusions happen when we tend to have the life on the clouds like building a castle in the clouds, but no hands on deck throw into the air to build it up…it has become delusional when you keep building your delusions in no matter of harmonic convergence….but, I’m always okay if you (ambiguity of pronouns) don’t push your delusions towards me and ask me to perfect it up (oh noooooo kamu, perfectionism reminds me a one hell perfectionist in my fucking life of 5 years studying in tertiary education)…

So, my one hell advice is -change Delusional Delusions to Hysterical Catharsis for Reaching the Right Things for yourself… ;]

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