A Simple Me, Daring For Ultimatums

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

6 days

it's been 6 days without notices or news or poke-pole abouts and i'm fine with it..
i know i can't say lines, but i need to show some things of mannerisms. however, regarding mannerisms, i cannot do it in front of anyone else and you of course because we are far in 50000 nautical sea...i can only do it in distance, but the messages cross here and there...the mannerisms is here.

so, i'm saying now
good morning
good afternoon
good evening
good night
good morning
have you eaten?
how was your day?
how are you?
how do you do?
don't flake
don't leave
don't mean it
good morning
good afternoon
good evening
good night
good morning
i can stop
i will never stop
i will not stop
i am here
i will not stop doing this to you

it's been 6 days and i am fine..
in more days, i am doing fine instead of i will be doing fine..;)


  1. u must have done something to make her upset.
    funny isnt it how females take revenge.
    tell u d truth, she must be burning inside too.
    u think its easy NOT to make contact~
    u think its easy to make urself ignore the fact that u r missing dat someone so badly(but pura2 meng-ego n kononnya dont care)~
    long distance. give & take.
    u know what i mean.
    u r not a rookie in d game~ (i think)

  2. nova, it was my fault for i let myself be a rookie at this particular time, but i couldnt be all the time know-all. i know that being a know-all guy makes evrything nice if that person is accepting it, but it will not be if that person starts to feel uneasy if i'm the only who says yes...this not a game but a relationship.
    mmg la sa a bit selective in words that may harm anyone's cognition, but it is my personality...and i can tolerate with it when that person cannot take it anymore..
    sa ignore those sb sa show some respects for solitary...that person needs rests so do i...
    if that person takes revenge, it's pointless coz there's no need for that...all that can be done is to speak to me and i will listen..,seriously, i will listen..