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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Pulitzer Prize for Love

The fact that people notice, recognize and know about one thing concerning love is a shape of a heart. The heart is sweetly red or handsomely red that interacts your veins to give you beats of life. The heart is one of the craziest things that we really look for and look up in our dear life. This drive of love is ultimately general and largely culminated in one sense – feelings.

You may have lovely feelings for your either father or mother or sisters or brothers or adopted ones. You always have them – the feelings and related bloods or related adopted bloods.

You may have lovely feelings for books and the sake of readings – I don’t want to discuss about it.

You always have some love for God because He really does love you.

But for the free thinkers, you may have always some love for some of your things or other things related to your principles of beliefs that you consider them as your guidance or companion or friends whom won’t smudge or budge.

You may have always love feelings for the one whom you think you can share your life with, you can tell about your life, you can do good things, you can do bad things, you can smile at, you can laugh at, you can cry for, you can think of, you can cast out of your life, you can take back into your life, you can punch at for domestic violence, you can yell at, you can pamper at, you can have sex with, you can have a better life or worst life, you can have showers with, you can live in a house with, you can vow, you can defy the vows or promises….and I shall complete this litany later…

Right now, let us see the reality of what love takes when you have lovely feelings in your family. I’m not taking this matter seriously for those who have bad family – yes, we should have guts to say “Bad Family” at this moment because building a family really needs a lot of hard works. A family needs A QUALITY not A QUANTITY. About that QUALITY, pushing it too much for greater good is actually A QUANTITY. Also, pushing it less for greater good is A QUANTITY….WHY?...You may be able to think about it when you have older wiser matured brain…err, I don’t have it yet, but I learn how to think like this, I have taught myself (it does not sound CONDSCENDING at ALL).

However, I’m taking this matter seriously for those who have a good family that has values, indicated drives, or something else which takes it to no ultimatums. You love either one or two or all of your family members are THE BASIS OF HOW YOU LOVE SOMEONE, ANYTHING, GOD or EVERYTHING. Without them, you may not know how you put wings on your love to fly and to SIT on your family members’ hearts, body parts (not INCEST), or on someone else. The eruption of love comes from a family is much bigger than loving your GOD, SOMEONE ELSE OR ANYTHING in said as MATERIALS.

Not forgetting the BAD FAMILY, I will say that you may have also found out that the eruption of love hits the volcanic caps of your anger of not having a good family and it comes out from you when you start to love someone and build a FAMILY OF YOUR OWN. So, it is still considered as the eruption of love comes from a family is much bigger than loving your GOD, SOMEONE ELSE OR ANYTHING in said as MATERIALS.

Loving your God is what it takes you further, like most people say, but it is not true because I said so. I happen to know God, when I was a child, age 4 or 5 (yeah, I can remember it because I have a memory) when my mother told me that I must pray to God (WHOM I cannot see, sense, imagine, talk to face to face and above all means of communication). My mother and sisters told me that God himself had come to this world in the Physical Image of A Man, named Jesus Christ that I saw in the picture. I am a Christian. I have always seen Him in every corner of the streets and my whole life because I have photographed His Face and His Body in my brain. I prayed, pray, shall pray to Him, but I did not see, cannot see, won’t be able to see that the HOW LOVE is
in progress.

HE does not teach me at first I uttered Ba-Ba or Gur-Gur to anyone faces coming to kiss me. I still say that my family does the teaching of Love.

However, there are little unwanted issues happened, and I think every family has had, but the only thing that you can do is you control it or them (plurality of unwanted issues). We might have the unwanted issues because other people have some jealousies and they have voodoo-ed you – this matter is somehow “scientifically proven” or “spiritually rejected”…I don’t even know why it turns out to be like this. I am not saying that my family is perfect, but I am saying that my family is just ordinary and some people have jealousies towards us.

(FOOTNOTE: jealousies mean suspicions, envy, hatred, grunge, and others related to negativity)…err, let’s not talk about my family…let me explain the Existence of God in HOW LOVE hoes down.

If you have faith in God, do you remember the story of ADAM and EVE, the first two humans who are created differently but are considered as ONE and the first two humans who HAVE CREATED the word “FALLACY” and have progressed the FALLACY to us?...do you realize that they WERE asked by God to love HIM, but God never shows HOW to? I AM NOT FUCKING QUESTIONING GOD ABOUT THIS!!! But God has said so many lines in Genesis, so many important rules that are essentially convened in one essence (the Purity of Man’s Nature), He never reaches His Hands to pat or hug Adam and Eve. He only did that when ADAM and EVE were not breathed and they were sculptured lifelessly-they didn’t know nor feel it. Then God gives breath…and IS THE LOVE IN THE BREATH? HOW DOES IT ACT? HOW DOES IT STAY LAST?...

Then the story of ADAM AND EVE caught naked evolves when there is a tree which has a fruit of knowledge that God has forbidden them to eat it. We have always been in the mood of mode of finding new digestive knowledge, right?...

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH- does God forbid us to have the knowledge of LOVE as the fruit of knowledge HAS LOVE?..why couldn’t He pluck the fruit of knowledge and give it to ADAM and EVE instead of the devil did ask EVE to pluck it?...AND WHY HAS THE TREE NO PROTECTIONS AT ALL THAT THE devil CAN COIL UP ON THE BRANCHES, THAT GOD REALLY SCARES ADAM AND EVE TO GET NEAR TO IT?... why must the devil be included in this matter of God’s Creations?...

In Genesis, as I see it, forgive me if I am just shallow, the Existence of God in HOW LOVE hoes down needs a little excerpt of a story from the devil that turns everything well – the Balance of White and Black, the Balance of Yin and Yang, the Balance of God and Devils.

When ADAM and EVE were caught naked, they have realized how embarrassing they are, but they have progressed the LOVE when they have built a family and have had children (we are also considered as the fruits of ADAM’S LOINS and EVE’S MATERNAL FACTOR), they have taught themselves to love at each other, physically and mentally, they have taught their children to love at each other, physically and mentally, and they have taught their children to spread the LOVE physically and mentally by building more human families (meaning SEX, and I don’t say it as incest, but God at this point has interfered and guided ADAM’S FAMILY LIFE to the point He re-created the world again by having NOAH’S FAMILY to build more human families)…

Insights of this, I believe, it seems that love started from twos is developing the nature of love in a family to the point of another cycle again (TWO – CHILDREN – TWO – CHILDREN > FAMILY).

Looking back to TWO, I mean that you have love feelings for someone and I don’t care if it is same sex or opposite sex. It will never be THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN….zoom in your logic people! Love is for anyone who can absorb it! A guy says his love to another guy or more guys, at different levels of age and status, is okay. A girl says her love to another girl or more girls, at different levels of age and status is also okay. The only thing that we have to look up is when someone has CONFESSED THE LOVE to you because there are thousands or millions of reasons why he or she does love you.

The CONFESSIONS may come to our hands, may read by our eyes, may hear by our ears, and may touch by our hands in plural ways. Texts (SMS), phone calls, a sung song, live broadcasted TV, letter, dates, etc are THE CONFESSIONS. Yes, we must check on the level of sincerity on these plural ways of CONFESSION. Check it through your questions. ASK MORE TO KNOW MORE, ASK LESS TO KNOW MORE TOO…confused?...Practice it!!!...the works of love works in this matter – really well, don’t go well, no hopes, got hopes, hopes up too much…I DON’T KNOW because I am not your Fairy Pariah…but I have been experiencing any of those conditions or all, and I have been tolerating more and I have been paying the consequences much…I am happy. Why does this happen?...It is LOVE that DRIVES YOU. You may go blinds with the person or else or you may kill yourself for the person because you cannot think the logicality of your LOVE…

Logicality is a part of CONSEQUENCES, so whatever happens, bear it, study it and conquer it with better improvements…you may have come up to the points of separation, divorce and no-longer-I-want-to-see-you periods, but these are CONSEQUENCES, just bear them, study them and conquer them with better improvements for your next LOVE establishments. I don’t dare to use the word “relationship” because it is specific. But, I can be specific on what I am into. And I can say “relationship” to someone whom I am in love with, but will that person who is my person right now be able to say “relationship” to me?...

Shall I continue on the LITANY OF LOVE TO WHOM YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH?....yeah, I shall.

You may have always love feelings for the one whom you think you can enjoy with, you can giggle at, you can tickle at, you can drown for, you can die for, you can pray for, you can chant his/her name in your sleep or awake, you can text every day, morning, afternoon, evening, night and midnight, you can phone for, you can strip for, you can steal for, you can sing to, you can date with, you can accept his/her weaknesses and strengths, you can fart at, you can spend your bad or good moments with, you can kiss at, you can hug, you can spend your libidos to the fullest activating imaginations, and the rest you list them down…I CANNOT DO IT ALL FOR YOU, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GIVE SOME CONTRIBUTIONS TOO, so it WILL BE OKAY, GOOD, EXCELLENT, AND PERFECT – choose either one of them…

My advice is in order to do the HOW LOVE HOES DOWN, you should be able to accept the good qualities and bad shits of that person, or family members or God Himself, or materials, or whatever things (for the free-thinkers)…ACCEPTANCE is when DENIAL interferes…DENIAL is when ACCEPTANCE accepts everything. Just remember the BALANCE….

This may not be a PULITZER PRIZE for me by defining, explaining, commenting, listing about LOVE because I’m just young and I am just a 23 year-old guy, but I speak.

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