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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In the morning...every morning

it is quite fascinating and obscene to be re-flashed, noticed that you are might just like these people....both genders are included...no bias!

every morning in the toilet or rest room or wash room or lavatory or girl's room or boy's room...


1. brush teeth handsomely

2. DO no zits grizzly

3. Or Worst Farting! - the resonance of farce in the toilet is LOUD!

4....and before going to toilet, the WOOD...oh NO...NO WAY to be taken in STILL Picture

5. ....or on the way to TOILET or anywhere, right hand on the phone, and the left hand is scratching The Baby BOY


1. GO to toilet with the Fart Sign

2. Brushing teeth...

3. brushing teeth...purring hahahahhaaa....i likeeeee...

4. applying make-ups for busted morning face....NEED TIPS!!

There are a lot of GOOD-GOD moments that we have done in those types of washing rooms...yeah, in the morning...but those moments are quite YUCKS!...yuckyy...those pictures above are also quite YUCKS...YUCKY..hahahhahahaa....it is US, accept of who you are, is what other people do...self-acceptance to be instilled in the morning is WHAT THE DAY DRIVES YOU!!

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