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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Malaysian Men are SHORT!

i'm not prejudiced towards short men in malaysia, they are use-able for certain issues, times, conditions, bt it seems to me that i'm looking at a bearded overgrown man who has hmmm.. hairs all over...or...is it just because of me who is tall than them...i'm 6 feet 1 inch 3/4...3/4 is measured recently (i'm still growing...OH NO!)..so eliminate 3/4 from ur head...i am just 6 feet 1 inch tall...my genes are just good!..special thanks to MOM and DAD hahahahaaa...

this guy came to me to tell me that he has bought a pair of giraffe shoes for short men..well he is short, 5 feet 6 inches (oooohhh too short for me..hehehe)...his sort of High Heels are 10 cm...so he's gonna be 5 ft 11 or 10 inches, depends on how he presents himself while walking or standing..bt, HE IS STILL SHORT FOR ME...hahahhahaa..

it's good for malaysian shorties to dream to be taller...i don't mind...bt my special advice is just present yourself taller and walk tall and stand tall when you have that pair of shoes on....

errr...Giraffe Shoes is Malaysian's brand for Malaysian Shorties! hahahahhaa...

P/s don't be angry or do surgical elongation legs as a response to my tall thoughts...and i am tall, just in that way i think tall hehehehee

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