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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Answer

thinking of a cent can be a part of 10 notes and considering about a cent is without a part of 10 notes are just practically the same thing and I call it demanding perfectionism for one logical sequence of numbers in 10 notes.

clearly, a cent is in the sequence and it proposes logicality of counting it until it reaches number 10...and number 10 (for 10 notes) is the last number to be counted or mannerly said in the counts that has been demanding no resuming counting. Number 10 is a science of perfectionism - a demanding perfectionism.

to a severe extent, in demanding perfectionism, it has some little doubts and severely but cordially cynicisms that may trigger each individual cent until each of the cents is added up and reaches 10. Individual cent is what matters for 10 notes is to be called as, but 10 notes are not what matter for an individual cent to be needed for.

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