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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Was I idolized by Andy Warhol?

A question to Andy Warhol, did you idolize me?...and…a question for me, did you idolize Andy?...Who did ask these questions?...You-lah…

Farah said I was the incubus of mean and sarcasm. Heck, I was. Heck, I am (laugh). However, I was speaking the truth (cakap benar-benar je – as what mostly Malaysians say), always! My classmates, even my friends and Amanda Wong (my senior who blogged, still blogs, about lots of issues happened across regions – love her, bless her) also thought that I was a bit like Andy Warhol…OMG (oh my God), I blush, blush...perasan! (attention seeker)…Why the heck would I care? (serious tone)

Andy Warhol was a journalist who happened to keep his lively thoughts about anyone and everything, by calling his secretary, a close friend too, every morning and asking her to write on a diary…that one I knew! His language had his personality, a signature that I thought of it as not bloody fake!...I also had my own signature in my writing, as a personality, that I would always be honest in expressions. I believed that was a good thing. His personality of writing had sarcasm and controversy about anyone and anything (yeah I have mentioned it just now). Both criteria were my attitudes of writing. I do not tell lies. It is the truth.

Andy Warhol was (I feel sorry for you have died, if not, we could be friends, but two magnificent kings of sarcasm and controversy could not be in the same region – if I were a king) an inventor of thoughts or a catalyst of thoughts, like Mr. Albert Einstein, that he put his thoughts of inventions in his diary. I really liked it because his inventive thoughts were really insanely crazy!...insanely crazy, I tell you!...If he were a teacher, I think, with such personality, would be a Magnificent Teacher! Some might hate him, but hatred is love, isn’t it?...so…think about it!

Bah! (laugh) Taking my view as far as I could, I could see that the time is really near to test me up, as a bloody one hell teacher. Should I bring my personality in the classroom only, not in the staff room? Bah! (laugh)

Footnote: Bah is a colloquial word in English World. It means uh-uh, really? expression or you do not approve of something or you do not believe it. Broaden your knowledge of sociolingualism. Bah is not meant for Sabah Bah only, you bloody moronic idiots!

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