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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

English: 2nd language or Additional language???

i speak english as the ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE...i dont gve a damn on languages...they r just mediums of communication that are alterable in modification, blending and sort of creoles...they are not hard sciences...i hate something not inspiredly true!...my first language is my parents' language, not dialects like kelantanese's or other races'. my second language is Bahasa Sabah (a creole, closely related to Bahasa Melayu. my third language is Bahasa Melayu, standardised language used as the official language of Malaysia. my fourth language is Bahasa Malaysia, evidently about the variety of understandable languages used by Malaysians (of all races). And, finally, my fifth language is English that i consider it as the additional language...

Malaysia asks me to learn english as my second language as the policy of languages used in Malaysia states English as the second language of the country...however, i am so sorry, i cannot take it...

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