A Simple Me, Daring For Ultimatums

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Parody…not going to Jail kah?

Why must you parody something? Takde kerja lain ke? Sick? Crazy? Idiots, indeed? You parodied something, then you laugh about it, and then, you expect me to laugh about it too…are you nuts? I may laugh at it if I want to, but I say “If I want to” to you right now…which means it is my right to decide what I am supposed to do with your parody. Perhaps, you expect me to take serious of what your seriousness conveyed in your bloody parody, why must I? It is not authentic…at all. You plagiarized it by taking the idea of that person who had narrated his masterpiece(s) in different forms. You PLAGIARISED THE IDEA! GET ONE OF YOUR OWN! BE HUMAN, NOT A SICK ROBOT!

Students are advanced in parodying something. Well done! So, I do not have to teach them, really, I just give the idea about it, and I think they can do parody. Enjoyable and fun, isn’t it?

Students can parody everything, even me, I allow them to. Then, I parody them back. The moral of this is we (teachers and students as humans) should see the brightness and darkness of ourselves in different angles of knowledge…the reality of our attitudes, life and THE futuristic life. I am a Catholic that I am forbidden to speak lies about the beauty of someone’s self…just accept of what you are, who you are and how you are created in that kind. I am not living in shadows!...like some people do!...crazy, isn’t it?

Students dare to parody anything they want, I really salute. However, I shall tell them that whatever bloody consequences they must face them with stern confident looks. Just Man Up, or Woman Up, or whatever it is!...just be brave, cowards!


  1. hahahahaa....parody! parody! parody! hahahhahahaaa