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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On hot day, it is time for…? Is it the this one, is it the this?...

Aarrrgghhh…why so hot? Cynthia, my best gay (pun is intended) friend screamed her expressive boring words to me these days. I also cursed the weather! So, on hot day, it is time for CURSING! Then, I cursed again for something which is alterable for some people!...curse…curse…CURSE!... I am not a type of person who always swears. I like to curse! I curse again for something which is alterable for some people…curse…curse…CURSE!

Can CURSING be taught in the classroom? I think, yes is the right answer! Why? “Lu pikirlah sendiri”…might have been too much to accept. We (teachers) dislike students to SWEAR because it is too much bad. It is worst. It is barbaric. It is uncivilized! CURSING is a form of civilization. It is a form of civilized language. We (teachers) want our students to be civilized, so, in my most honourable period and I suggest, teachers must teach students to curse!

Teachers must tell the importance of cursing: 1) it is good to curse about something or someone on a very perfect time, 2) Cursing does not take you to Hell (as it is never mentioned by God in Bible or Qoran – I read Qoran although I am a Catholic), and 3) Curses are moral values and humanity and 4) Curses are for better living and better future.

Teachers also, must tell the effects of cursing: 1) you will be alienated…for a while…or…for a long time, 2) once you cursed someone or something, other people will curse you back…fair and square…just live with it! 3) Cursing behavior might be condemned by fanatics (those who believe themselves and know all about God, but they are just pathetically not…oopppsss sorry…) and you shall be condemned to death, and 4) in Malaysian context, “later I voodoo you” concept is the most favourite belief and action (so, di manakah KEPERCAYAAN KEPADA TUHAN?)

Reading the above points, if you just say “This is bullshit!”, it means you are cursing. You might have added up a favourite swear “This is fucking bullshit!”. So, teachers, I dare you, would you want to teach your students to curse in the most appropriate acceptable manner? Do it if you think so. Do not bother at all (so blindly studdedly stupid, I need to tell about it again, I am not your daddy) if you do not think so.

Yet, I still curse again for something which is alterable for some people…curse…curse…CURSE! CURSING IS GOOD! Bear that in mind…

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