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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Microteaching-O Boy!

Doing Microteaching in Dr. Edwin’s class, evaluated by his tutor, is wonderful experience. Starting from set induction to the closure of the lesson, I was the teacher for my course mates, and likewise. I put up a picture of man who cried on Power Point Presentation slide as my set induction. I wasn’t intended to teach the students about theme of the play, but characters of the play. In order to make the students identify the characteristics of someone, the picture that I showed to them was relevant because the man on the picture who cried was having a bad situation in his life. By having many events in your life, your characteristics will be shaped. I don’t agree with Dr. Edwin’s tutor’s comments on my set induction. Anything can be put up but explanation must be well delivered.

However, as I said earlier it was a wonderful experience to teach!

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