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Saturday, April 4, 2009

King Lear – a theme for Father’s Day?

King Lear, I think, is a stupid father and King. I shouldn’t have labeled him like that but, he has made unwise game for his daughters. He knows himself that he is the king who has to be wise and to learn how he will protect his life and status. I have to agree with Goneril and Regan. I know they are cunning and evil. The game is about King Lear asks Goneril, Regan and Cordelia to profess their love and will give his kingdom to each of them. This is a stupid game! What is left for him? Which one of his daughters will love him more than his kingdom? The game is basically to show how powerful King Lear is to his daughters with giving orders that he never sees them as daughters but just commoners. He wants them to kiss the ground before him indicating that “I am your King”… How would a father ask his daughters to kiss the ground as to glorify him? Has ever a child done this to a father? If yes, then the father is mental!

Goneril and Regan-way to go Girls! I know they both realize the game is stupid and easy. They pretend speaking their love and they get King Lear’s kingdom. However, I wish that their evilness and cunningness will never reach to kill his father. Sinful!

Cordelia ignores the stupid game but never ignores her love for King Lear. Although King Lear who has lack of insights cannot understand what Cordelia says about her love for him, King Lear is later sheltered by Cordelia. That is how we show love for a father! Show our love through actions! Don’t just simply say “I love you. And, where is the prize?”

Do not ever think King Lear is a theme for Father’s Day! I think it will never have good memories at all. I believe that before becoming a father, he must have knowledge of being a father before he has a child and his knowledge of being a father grows stronger and bigger when he has a child. The child has to be taken care of-not just money, shelter, love but logical thinking too.

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