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Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Fool tells the truth. Believe it or not?

King Lear has a Fool. I don’t believe he is a fool. He speaks truth of what he has observed. Why do people get angry when the truth is revealed? Does revelation of truth cross someone’s privacy but the someone had just crossed someone’s privacy? Well-balanced, isn’t it?

I believe he is an angel of truth. We always say that we should be honest and sincere to each other. How do we put honesty and sincerity into action? I know it is hard and full of troublesome, but I think we should try harder. If we dare enough to speak lies, why don’t we dare to speak truth? We all have innate bravery, but how do we measure our bravery? The Fool in King Lear has guts to speak the truth. Although he faces rough troubles of revealing the truth, he won’t stop! Why would he stop? If he stops, King Lear play will never be read today!

I encourage us for not saying “Don’t believe a Fool!” You and I will know when and how to say this if we are not ignorant people anymore.

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  1. Irony, uh? He represents the truth which Lear can't see throughout the entire play but he is called FOOL. He is the inner conscience of Lear who points out the flaws of King Lear by being rational and intellectual. This is what i wonder about life...Is it always an irony?