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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Elizabeth-Can you control the wind?

Elizabeth, arrogant and unpredictable Queen of England, has this unbelievable statement “I can control the wind!”. I really want to laugh, may I? Hahahaaaahahhaaaaa….- yeah, I laugh! I watched this film about her in our tutoring class (watching film class) and I thought it was ridiculous to hear that. I knew she was angry at Spain, but she should not have said it. This meant, I thought, she was not angry but mad! She was the queen and her people and subjects prayed for her life to be long and protected! Why would she sacrifice herself in her own words or in that statement? To show her power? To show she is greater than Alexander the Great?

The culture of Elizabethan era as it was shown in the film was fixed! Whatever the Queen said, wore and behaved, the people of England had to adapt the Queen’s personality. I think it is good. She is the Queen and she can do anything! If you are an Englander who does not like to adapt the queen’s personality may be an outcast or beheaded. I think it is good too!

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