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Monday, March 30, 2009

My reflection on Blogging

What I thought of this course acknowledges me about the use of blog to express my thoughts on topics regarded. It is tiring to do this, but I have learnt much from this. Blogging is a free space to write anything we want to. Blogging is where we share our thoughts with other people-that is why it requires FOLLOWERS!

We can include pictures or videos on our blog. However, I did not do that as like I said it was tiring. It is tiring because the internet connection in my college sucks! Although we have streamyx or broadbands, internet connection is as slow as slugs! Sometimes it dies in the middle of downloading as a slug is stepped by a car! If I go to faculty for accessing internet, it is fast but UPM service system has forbid its students to access youtube.com (for video) and images.yahoo/msn/google (which the pictures may sometimes appear or not appear at all). UPM is what it is!

Blogging, I think, is another writing space that we can get connected to people by giving thoughts, sharing thoughts and respecting each other’s point of view. In this course, I managed to experience it with my course mates, and I viewed it as a creative free writing space to conjure ideas and thoughts!


  1. Mohd Khalis Sumardi (144524) says:

    I am 100% agreed regarding your issues. Anyway, it doesnt matter about the internet connection because we have to finish our assignment no matter what. Internet?Hmm.Lame excuses. But you're right. They (UPM administration) should be more sensitive towards their products(us). At least, they should install some freaking fast internet with extremely high download rate. We deserve that. I find blogging as very interesting too. A way to express ourself when we dont have anything else to do (but we usually do have something to do). I'm not good with internet stuff so I hope I can learn how to be a better blogger in my next life. Hahaha. I hope you learn a lot and I really wish that you just enjoy whatever you do because life is not about today, you should consider about tomorrow. So, enjoy whatever you learn today so you wont regret about it tomorrow. See ya!! (I love you issues. You should be more trasnparent next time)Hehehe.

  2. I can't agree more than that, Mark. The internet is very slow. Even the snail already crawls 100 meters by the time the page finish loading. Well, we have accepted that Malaysian culture never encourage internet stuff like blogging or forum. That's why they never improve their internet facilities and block some of the websites. Anyway, I hope you learn a lot from your blogging.