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Monday, July 26, 2010

Statements paling SHIAAALLLLL

Many people would prefer to have their own bloody taglines in their fucking life - err...while they are still breathing hehehe...Those taglines are actually their motto of life, or the principles of life, or in Malaysian context : Statement Panazzz hahaha....Those Statement Panazzz are so annoying sometimes but funny all the time hahaha...Trust me, I have some of my own hehehe...and all these are what I've heard from people around me for 6 years of TESL-ing myself hahahaha

1. I don't sport for money...(pathetically not mine) hehehe

2. In my Cohort, I have seen a lot of SHORTIES, oh my, I want to be a PEDOPHILE lah...hahaha (yes, it's mine)

3. I'm the cutest lil' gurl when I am just waving across the road...(nausea syndrome in words) hehehe...

4. Why am I not prettier than her?...It's just lighting effects what, why me not HAWWTTT?

5. I don't go for branded stuffs...It's just KL anyway...never realised that StarTrail will not get me to Pav, Mid-V lalalala....

6. I have the sweetest smell of male-pheromone for sexual attraction among the males.....hahaha...(The smell makes my bulu hidung tak tumbuh2 after gugur huhu)

7. Touch my body, and you will feel....eeeeuuuwwww, whose bloody statement was this? 

8. I don't use Rexona

9. Kami lagi cantheq from others (pondan pun boleh mati tercekik dengar ayat ni because they say it SENGAU-ly hehehe....Hormon Bakal Gadis kan hahaha)

10. I've been busy....I mean, IN TOTAL BUSY....hahaha

11. I'll come back later...yeah, improving and updating....hahaha

12. I look silly when I speak Malay ....(errr, this was mine back in Foundation Course, because I disliked people who spoke English confidently without having the knowledge of Sociolinguism to be addressed in a particular context of either Malaysia or British Land or America in ONE HELL BLOODY SENTENCE) hehehe...yes, I don't like language at all, but you have to know that language presents yourself in A society hehehe...wah, like me, mcm teror ja kan lalala...well, I am a linguistic retarded hahaha...bah, ya la bah hehehe

13. Orang Sabah tinggal kat atas pokok....(aduh, semangat racism yg amat melampau di sini, especially HEP yang amat berani mengatakannya huhuhu)....but at that moment I was bombarding drastically furiously but in calming voice (Thanks to my Mom who's teaching me about it-stay calm in voicing out, a good way of becoming a good human hahaha)....and my statement was that time to them..."In a country like Malaysia, without Sabahan Trees, Malaysia will not get MANY UNESCO AWARDS - as to get FAMOUS before you announce that you will be able to supply water to Singapore and we Sabahans never live in trees but trees speaks to us about future health for Malaysian-Over-heated-Weather LUNGS (many have done research for that, but theirs are rejected for Post-Industry City-yeah rite!!)"....and the effect was Malaikat Senyap terbang and stayed there forever hahaha....I LIKEE IT SO MUCH!!!...suck it up Knowledge LOSERERSSSSSS hahahhaa

14. Why does your name have "BIN"?....hahhaa (I laughed at this)....you wanna know?, bah pergilah kamu diilmukan dengan ilmu, sebelum anda diilmukan dengan my laughter hehehehe....

15. Discounts

16. I am Teacher for Sports, not an English teacher....wawawawawawawaw...you better listen to Kylie Minogue "WOW" song when you are reading this...

17. What's this? Don't know anything of MAPS, SIGNBOARDS?...(sambil tolak2 kepala)

18. I work...heehehe

19. I don't eat at ADOM

20. Maggie  is my life....it's my life or never without maggie

21. I'm a fashionista

22. Mine is the correct ones, EXCELLENT!!!....just take mine, don't take others, they are losers in planning the scheme....hahahaha...(me tergugat, no, because I'm just happy that there's someone would speak cleverness loudly hehehee)

23. I'm not fat but I'm just plumply skinny hahahaha.....bet you get the meaning...

actually, they are many statements yg memang panazzz...I forgot already, because most of them I laughed like hell, but I didn't remember them like me remembering myself about getting myself a place in Heaven hahaha...

to all yg terasa, jgn marah eh, sume org ada statements paling SHIAAALLL dan JAHANAM pernah ter-ejaculate from that BLOODY MOUTH, so muntahkan saja ke-happy-an anda bila dengar statements sendiri dan org lain dalam blog ini...it's my blog anyway hahahaa


  1. hjahahahaa..ijat forever like this

  2. aku paling suka yang numbur satu 16, 20 dan 21..hahaa

  3. hahahaha...ijat, ko blog laa, best gilerr mem-blog, menjadi ganjil ginjal ko teruss bila ko gelak2 tak ingat neraka baca blog manusia cam aku ni (i don't sport for blogging) hahahaha