A Simple Me, Daring For Ultimatums

Monday, May 31, 2010

Shitake Badass

I've been in this gruesome matter with some dramatically impersonating people who do not know how to use their cognition wisely and bravely...I cannot imagine what sorts of education they have taken when they were babies, toddlers, young children, teenagers, young adults, adults and folks...Does education ruin your life?...Does education make you have cognition impaired?...

In Malaysia, there is a train filled with these SORT of PEOPLE who have cognition impaired!!!...I know myself I am not that so-divine-God-cares-for-perfection person, but what I could synthesise from them is they may not speak incoherently without THE KNOWLEDGE OF KNOWING SOMETHING!!!...they tend to KACAU people's lives, especially my life, by giving expressions of glaring jealousies towards what I have had, what I have got, what I have achieved and what I have attained...maybe, i was thinking that i was so PERASAN for all these matters, but it was not!!!....I did check on these, and what I found out all these are fucking true....A FUCKABLE MATTER, isn't it?....You know what sort of divinity I did regarding these matters, I IGNORED, I IGNORE...because in my whole fucking life, ADA AKU KESAH KALO YOU DENGKI OF WHAT I HAVE HAD?....you wanna be me, try lah, teda sepa mo halang ko?....on the other side of the binary of black and white, I am so pleased and happy that these people make me an IDOL and a STATUE OF nikey SCORER hahahaaaa.....wah, perasan dan pukimak lebey pulak hahahaa....lalalalalala...but this is my life. you don't like it, bah you go lah jd Rasul or Tuhan ka...then I can change myself lalalalalala.....

If these people still have the cognition impairment, lebey baik sa kol a bus of shrinks datang sini to my place, to castrate your primitive thoughts about life and other people....nah kau!....i wanna see your HIGH LANGUAGE bila ni shrinks tanya ko....BAH!!!

I love God so much for He has given me this fucking ISSUE to be brought upon in OUR fucking ass life, to study it and to get BETTER!!!...bah remember these ah!!!

1. This world does not need Barbarians, Conan The Barbaric Male, The Vikings, The Asshole War Makers

2. This world has no Superman, Batman, Keluang Man, Kambing Man, Ultraman, Transformers, Avatar Freaks, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, X Men, Wolverine, Amy Winehouse and the gangs of dreamy peace makers...

3. This world does not need people who have cognition impairment

4. This world does need a community who does know HOW TO THINK, tiada EDUCATION pun tidak apa, asalkan PANDAI BERFIKIR...

5. This world, after you had trained yourself to think really well, needs you to work IN ACTIONS....jangan pandai cakap ja kalo tidak tahu buat!!! (memang IDIOCY OF MEN tul)

bah...kalo terasa tu, teruss makan ubat kasi betul tu otak [TAKE TABLETS OF COGNITION SEEDS)

KALO TIDAK TERASA TU, ada aku kesah? lalalalalalalaaa