A Simple Me, Daring For Ultimatums

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sensing scented you

“I know you”

That’s what I told you,

And that’s what I’ve been keeping telling you when I text you,

Even talk to you with my voice,

I’m not a stalker or a freak info-gather

That I consistently know about you,

I just have THE senses of being connected,

They’ve become stronger and powerful – I don’t know why;

But I sense know why.

Mind you, I don’t do black magic or voodoo you,

I ask it from Jesus and He gives me one,

That’s why I dare say to you “I love you” in texts, or in my verbal spoken to you

Although you don’t express it in return, too

I do always tell you that I’m fine, no worries…;)

As I am the one who approaches you, catches you,
tries to empower you

And you don’t have to worry about this and me

I’m okay when you say that you are not ready yet…

I can wait; I’m fine waiting, no rushes, no pressures…

Because you are a catch.

Last time when I said that we were in 50000 nautical seas apart,

Now we are in 200 miles apart,

It’s sadly happy, but I feel closer

And it gets to “The Closest” when we touch in eyes to eyes…


Please I say,

Don’t ever scared of saying or asking me about anything

Don’t look up at me that much that makes you a
stranger to me,

(I know I’ve had special brain power and the motion appearance in public, but this is me)

But above all, I chose you, I choose you and I will choose you.


First I had said already “that makes you a stranger to me”

Second is “that makes you an admirer of me from a distance”

Third is “that makes you hurt inside”

Michael Buble said “Haven’t met you yet”

I have met you in the form of your charms and selected words of yours…

You and your friends are long in hands,

I’m just new but you’ve allowed me to be different among them,

And I’m fine you have time with them;

I’m happy…because I have another day for I could be with you and sense you…

As there’s still days coming and ahead of me

And perhaps of you, too.

1 comment:

  1. i really like this one.
    simple yet honest.
    lembut tapi tegas dan tetap.
    penuh dgn harapan dan
    jiwa yg tenang n bebas....