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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Haha to Britney's Till The World Ends

Preparing yourself for 2012 astrological event by saying check to these, according to Britney's pantomime in the poetry in actions

Watch this video clip http://youtu.be/qzU9OrZlKb8?

1. Make sure you know how to seek protection
- Go to tunnels, longkang (drains), dumping waste system, etc

2. Wear skin tights, straps of jacketty bras, DIY-cut jeans (make sure they are tink-tops as to show misery and to indicate the dooms of jeans entrepreneurship), high heels, no sneakers, IOI A1 shoes (meant to be swagged all floors, even in the toilets), other provocative accessories like key chains, the cross, etc - on top of all these, just like toppings, they are all BLING BLING.

3. Apply make-ups on, colour and de-colour your nails, pedicure, facial-expression treatment

4. Enlist yourself as eligible for Tunnels' Community like
- if you are 15 below - don't even bother to live, just ask the spiders to eat you up.
- if you are 35 above - don't even bother to seek the New World

5. Style yourself to the substance.

6. Make sure you are not a gender phobia which gets you cross over other issues.

7. Keep on dancing for waiting the event to end. Don't hope a hope.

8. Or perhaps, keep on dancing for a hope - it's like the buggers that dance for the rain to pour down.

9. Make sure techno, house, remix, unplugged, etc musics keep blythe-ing your mind. I mean - sedate yourself.

10. Get out from your protective protected environment down there (I am not sure about E-Coli Bacterium or Leptospirosis Disease, maybe they have dispensed the whole area. Wow, fascinating.) to the New World where the skyscrapers are still pricked and which two Suns keep us healthy in Vitamin D++ all day long, so working hours are extended to 25 hours with extra ecetera (Long Deployment).


All these are checked if you are ready to check the checklist of every inch perimeter of this song. Well done Britney! No more lingerie talks like Lady Gaga in every video clip eh, I believe??? (yeah rite)

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