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Sunday, May 30, 2010


I know all people love to narrate any genre of writings in their life as to express of whom they are in one particular society, so I am helping you now by giving you some genres and examples of writing.....hahahhaa....I hope you like them...TRY TO NARRATE ONE OF EACH GENRE hehehee....tulis banyak2 pun AKU TAK KESAH!!!...nt kamurang publish kasi ikut skali nama blog sa hahahhaa....lalalalalalallaalalala

Stem Poem

A stem poem works by asking the writer to use identical beginnings to the lines of the poem (the stems) and to complete it differently...

I wish I was a Pegasus,

I wish I had wings-yes, I had them before,

I wish I could fly up to the sky,

But, I don’t have wings.

Poem from the senses

A poem from the senses takes the writer to think of a physical object or place - some kind of food, a plant, a fruit, a place, etc., and to make a connection with each of the senses...

When I think of an apple,

I can see its glowing red colour,

I can smell its freshness,

I can taste it whenever I eat it-lah,

I can feel the zest of its juice,

That’s why F&N has Zest Apple.

If everything was opposite…

This is a kind of extension of the stem poem idea...here, the writer is imagining what things would be like if everything were the opposite of something...

If everything was opposite,

Straights would be gays,

Gays would be loved, not be hated,

Because we are all HOMOsapiens, don’t you think?


In an acrostic poem, we write the letters of the theme word vertically. Then, each line of the poem has to start with the letter of that time. The whole poem has to relate to the theme word....

Mother Mary, Mother of Jesus among Johanesburgs


Rise up to heaven and be crowned before the Angels without

You, my God.


A haiku is a Japanese syllabic poem which has been adopted into English. It has a strict syllable structure: the first line has five syllables, the second has seven, the third has five, making seventeen syllables in all. A haiku is supposed to capture a poetic moment, when we notice things more intensely...

I give you the rose,

You hum our wonderful song,

Rose and song are us.

p/s The Clarifications of all definitions for genres of writing poems are taken from Asian Poems for Young Learners Volume 3, Alan Maley & Jayakaran Mukundan (Editors), Published in 2005, Pearson Longman


all the examples of poems are originally narrated by me...and i got praises for these from Associate Professor Dr. Jayakaran Mukundan's Tutor for Teaching Assistance....(makin kembang sa ni hehehe...jgn jeles baaa)


there is another genre

it is called as "Mini Saga"


the example of it, also narrated by me, is so politically and spiritually sensitive huhuuu...

sorry, but

you can buy this Volume 3 in the bookstore around Malaysia

and over the US', UK's, NZ's, AUS' and other regions' bookstores hehehee...

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