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Monday, April 5, 2010

A phase

there is a phase in this life that we are trying to ignore or to define it in our own understanding-well it is selfish of saying that it is your own understanding. about letting ignorance and finding definitions on our phase of life, it is undeniably two different things-i agree. to ignore this phase does not mean we are ignorant, we are actually do not see it with green-eyes (it means we dont study it). to define it, it does not mean we dont have the knowledge of it, we are actually saying it in our interpretive vague or right or densed words-then ignore it or get into it...when it comes to Selfishness, you never ask anyone about it-but who cares right?...selfishness is a part of this phase, but it is not the reason for me to comment on.

this phase, i'm talking about, is about yourself with someone whom you think is not a denial of your existence in this bloody world. this phase of life is unique! memorable! and...i dont know- you say it...as many as you want...but i will not say it as divine because reaching towards divinity between you and that someone you love is a progress of two pairs of arms (no matter what the sizes are)working hand-in-hand (not a hand job or handsssss jobs lah-perv!) yes! tolerance i dare say is another METHOD that you may want to instill in this phase..it is good if you practice this!...i have ever tried it many times, and i do agree that i have failed many times, but i keep running-not like a marathon or the scenery projected by all those sports whackos on the tracks of glory ahhahahhaa (ooops im not a prejudiced person to sportshumans -they are just happened in that way)...i keep on running to improve it, to master it, to learn it, to fall into it, to experience everything in this track of tolerance...

so this phase or before i say it is "the phase" - a phase - must have you and that someone to work up...i dont push anyone by saying this, but i'm letting anyone to push their brain muscles to think of what this phase meant for you...

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