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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


this is a situation..this is a Problem-Based Learning Approach..Study this situation!

Female and Male are having foreplay right now. they do kissing and licking, rimming asses and cupping boobies.the Female does want to do blow job, but the Male stops her..why?

Female: Let me attend you...
Male: Aaahh...dont dont...up here up here...it's gonna be a surprise for you...
Female: (sensually smiles)

So, they kiss, rim asses and cup bobbies again..and then the Male lifts the Female up by one hand and puts her on the floor...it's a Missionary Sex...bt b4 that when the Male lifted up is actually Spoon Sex...so, here it comes-THE MR. PENIS

Male: I'm takin' u in...yeah..oh god, u r wild...errgh...aaahhh
Female: O my, Oh My god!...YOUR COCK IS HUGE!! (she puts a palm of a sign of stop b4 the Mr. Penis)

the Male is stunted! What do you think he's thinking about when the Female said "YOUR COCK IS HUGE"?


About the sex....what do you think of it?...Does it continue smoothly after the Female said it like that?


when a girl (pick-up girl for sex only or one night stand) says to you (Males) that YOUR COCK IS HUGE, would you feel good, awesome feelings or undecided feelings or offended feelings?...by saying that, does it mean that "IT IS A SEXUAL COMPLIMENT" or "IT IS A SEXUAL HARASSMENT" ?


i know the fact that both genders wanted the same thing-have fun and pleasures in all positions of sexual innuendos...bt it is to be considered that when a guy is complimented of having the huge cock, they guy should have realised that the compliment is actually harassing the girl...and when it is considered to be a sexual harassment, it is actually a compliment!...tricky right!...i know this after i read a few articles about it - there's one book, nt published anymore, and no reference on the internet, written by John Den regarding human sexuality...However, this all thing happens during the Mr. Penis is on his way to the alley of V...this is not about RAPE or JUST OFFENCE!

So, Females, when u r so daring to say that to a guy or guys, would you want to do mind-blowing sex anymore?


So, Males, when you are said or complimented like that "YOUR COCK IS HUGE!", would you be proud of it? would you stagger a bit and a while before you continue of what you are doing? would you just fuck?


if you (males) just fuck, then you fail to do have good memorable sex with your partner...

if you (females) just being submissive, then you fail yourselves of crossing ur sensual message to your partner...becoz u r just sometimes complicated to be understood...

even if you have sex with the same gender, if this happens, what are ur reactions?



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