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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm quite huge

So what if I'm a bit fat and lebar now? 
Being a 24 is a start to be expanded. naturally. Sigh. My diet is off the radar already.

Friends keep asking me why my profile picture is thinner and slimmer and why me now is lebar. Haha. And family says "Nokolombon suda". Haha. So these are the proofs.

Was I like this? Yeah, I was like this.
Had a hairy chest, tummy and sorts.
Muscular - a bit only.
Age that precious time was 19 to 23.
But was not as bulky as this fella.

This fella was like me back in 16 years old to 21 years old.
Had a hairy chest, tummy and sorts.
Ever posed and poised like this.
Zaman remaja bah haha.
Then diet was on the ultimate progress.

But now, I'm quite huge. It was a tremendous appearance. Still have hairy chest, tummy and sorts. My scale was not below 100 anymore, it exceeds. Imagine it in POUNDS. But, I like the new huge me. haha. XD

This (below) is for your entertainment before you see me real in pictures and reality. If I shrunk a bit, it means I'm under stress regime or having loads of unfinished works. If I was huge-er than ever, just don't gasp "Oh my God, you are so Big, Gemuk or whatever". The fact is my age is numeric to my biological physique. Haha.

Tingu sajala.

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