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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tanak Kampung - Jimmy Palikat 2010

Jimmy Palikat, a singer and a songwriter as well; and a Sabahan, of course, who has a visionary views of giving a piece of advice to others, especially Sabahans, is singing this song in two precedented versions - Bahasa Dusun & Bahasa Malaysia. The lyrics of both versions are less the same - just a few sentences were changed to suit the compatibility of the whole issues discussed in notes of singing in the song. This song is very famous among Sabahans. It was ultimately famous last year where every wedding ceremony, either other occasions, had this song blizzarding the whole crowds.

This song is humble and a fact-yeller, but it presents critical sarcasms to others. I personally think that this song indicates power of truthful nature which siphons the symphony of Sabahan males to address life of each level. However, not only Sabahan males are on this particularity, but other males from other regions too. However, not only males, these days, but also females. In fact, we are all humans.

If all felt that something is very costly to love, bah kita sama-sama usaha lah bah ah. Usaha itu tangga kejayaan bah kan.


  1. siok ni lagu..sa shukaa...hehe..

  2. anne, org kita bah ni, siok ni lagu hehe