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Friday, January 14, 2011

One Direction has sung many

If you were in a boy band, you must know to sing ballads.

Ballads are the boy band benchmark for successful platinum sales.

Simon Cowell had taught them many, so they did perform.

Girls and boys scream their names.

One Direction is the band.

Just like Westlife.

Simon's father had ever said to him that Westlife, the British boy band, would succeed in the frame of the world under Simon's care, and so they are, till now.

One Direction & Westlife are incomparable, yet comparable, nicely.

One Direction rocks the world. Hopes up!

Justin Bieber goes whack whack down down.........No offenses on J. Bieber.

The Boys

1. Zain Malik or Zayn Malik, 17 (the tenor - just like Mark Westlife)
2. Louis Tomlinson, 19 (b. ground - like Brian Westlife)
3. Liam Payne, 17 (lead singer - like Shane Westlife)
4. Niall Horan, 17 (b.ground - like Kian Westlife)
5. Harry Styles, 16 (b.ground - like Nicky Westlife)

*One Direction has been signed to Syco Music, oh yeah!


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