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Saturday, October 2, 2010

There is another day, always another day for I think of you, but I always do think of you...hmm...


A lot of things to say, but I am so sorry for not saying something for the past few days. I am sorry.

How've you been feeling? You are doing well, I think?...hmmm...

Yeah, I know it is another month and I don't do texts anymore or even calls, but I still have my feelings for you. I don't change. What my feelings for you is much more important...I bet I have done a lot more to you, and I am sorry if you demand more and I cannot do all the time, but I have works to do. But, I will always try to get your demands satisfied and fulfilled....hmmm...

Yes, I felt you and I was erected for a few hours hehehe.... I still smell well of your body because my brain has captured it and I thank God for it. 

I want to see you just having a good time with your friends because I trust you that you wouldn't take your friends intimately because I am still here. Just have happy moments with friends bah.... :)

I do always think of you, about you....My heart is still in pain, but no worries, I bear it well....I still miss you.

I am not wooing other people. I am still loyal....still loyal to you....We have agreed to believe at each other, and I am sincere to you. Don't call me a liar, because I really am sincere to you.

Whatever you want to reach and achieve, go for it! You can do it!...If you are not in the par, there's always a second chance...but berabis lah on the first take... I'll pray.

Live well! Don't lose weight!

Be happy :)

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