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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 10 – This is a letter for you


I couldn’t sleep this night. I was quite energetic. My mind was full of things…many things… I was really craving for milk. Yeah, I love milk so much. I know it is weird for a 23 year old guy, me, to drink milk and to love milk, rather than taking booze…hehehe…but it is me anyway, right?...My preference…I love alcohols too. No doubts on that…haha… I made one glass of milk. It was thick. No sugar on it.

Nah, you must be sailing in the thoughts of Milk & Booze here as a fact of symbolism. This is not. This is just me liking milk and booze with one much likings than the other.

I waited for the milk to cool down for I could sip all later. In the meantime, I thought of you. I always think about you. I thought of how big our gap-age was. Yes, you are older than me and yes, I am younger than you. Will it matter?...For me, I don’t believe it and I don’t think it as a matter to me. It is because I accept whoever you are. I want to be ageing with you.

I am young with many excitements around me. Yes, I am aware of that. But, half of the excitements I have experienced and treasured the tenderness and the roughness. At one point, when I reach one point of my life, I realize that I need someone. A someone whom I have analysed, studied and rejected many times in my senses after having close observations on words and acts, is the one I want to do the other half of the excitements. I don’t control people, but I assist people…You knew it, I believe…because you are also a clever human.

I went to church this morning. I wasn’t being able to post this letter up this early morning as I woke up late. I rushed and ran. I am sorry. I prayed that we could define the love between us. There were many prayers, not just for you, but also there were prayers for my family, your family, myself and for all people in the world. Well, it has to be like that when you are praying.

May God grant both of us peace!

I love you.

P/S I miss you and I am sick of you (in a good way hehehe)

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