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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shimmering the Lights…No one has ever done that…

To let anyone know about yourself is for him/her to study you at any range of levels. Everyone has their own levels to progress up the process, but the levels will not be as same as you have. 

Levels require explicit and implicit ways of giving meanings and studying meanings. You might be frowning right now because I have said “levels” too much but I don’t give you the examples of it. 

There are 3 levels: 1) Literal without Puns, 2) Interpretative Puns through Words, later in Acts, and 3) Acts of massive truthful meanings – directed and understood. 

I’ve read these levels (although they are not mentioned like these, I conclude them just like these) in an article, Study A Person & Study Yourself in A Person. It’s a good article for those avid or like-all-kinds-of-readings readers. You want to access this article, you better get it on the net…find it…

These levels I’ve concluded are my own understandings of how we human lack of respects for someone when we do not know how to study people. Yes, I’m not as good as anyone to study people, but I try.

And, if I flip my glances without noticing the importance of your behaviours in acts and also in words, I’m really sorry…I’m just tired. Don’t get yourself hurt by adding too much sensitivity in your mental mind. 

Being sensitive is good, but it will not be good if you cannot control your sensitivity to logicality and rationales. It’s like money, pride, lust etc dehumanizing your ability as a person in a body. 

If you call yourself as a human-person, though you are in someone’s body or something features or an animal’s body, you will always be a human-person…believe me…I haven’t transported my human-person (if I have that all the time, I still try my best) into some kinds of physical or virtual forms, but I study myself best when I’m in different situations…I DON’T CAMOUFLAGE!!!...I’m always me. No changes. It’s just some situations, I don’t tell all because it is my autonomy in myself.

These 3 levels may make you stumble a few times, but you must learn how to move on, how to encourage your mental mind to take it and how to be tolerant and critically intelligently sensitive. 

All the “hows”, you may figure out about them…they are not hard to do it…I couldn’t say “Move on with your life!!” loudly at you without you say that to yourself loudly….

I couldn’t be your “Gatorade” to boost your mental mind, because your mental mind is what your personality is. You shall nurture your own mental mind, and make it natural to yourself that there’s a need for cognition to come first before behavioural acts make the day wonderful or vice versa (but actually, it’s all in binary literal recognition)…

and how you would do anything in tolerance, it’s different to do it for some people, but you need to learn it. 

If you don’t know how to learn it, you will be the abuser to yourself and to others…well, don’t over tolerate, mind you, because you might not know what is happening ahead of you, till what extents of black or white matters.

The Power of shielding yourself, your personality, your characters from someone and the Power of letting yourself, your personality, your characters to be known by someone are two Major Powers that you must know how to balance them up. 

Don’t let one Power empower the other Power…Two Powers overlap their functions in you will make you beyond insanity…You might reach self-actualisation at one point of this stage where the Two Powers try to kick-ass at your mental mind…and the self-actualised thoughts will give you fatal depression and lethargic sadness.

However, when there’s someone who understands you really well, who loves whoever you are, who doesn’t care of your status although that “someone” is a bit higher or lower or same status to you, you should be grateful. 

This “someone” respects you really well. No doubts…this someone will not tell your secrets to anyone, but to himself…because this someone is your friend, later on, is your soulmate (regardless sex) and yours forever -understanding –you person…

If you have this someone or two or more people in your life, don’t let yourself think that you should let this someone (and the rest numbers of people who understand you) go…You will see it.

I’ll tell you when I said it…(recognize the future and past, and it is in present term…unique, isn’t it?)

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