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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crushing Idea

in a way of appreciation, a man may cry to hold the beauty of his thoughts, or a man may parade on the streets with feminism-views of clothing-thongs, Victoria Secret Undies, or Mini Skirts, Cardigan (men have worn it now), or else, or naked -seeing the ovaries hanging outside. what would ppl say?...is this the appreciation towards the beauty of man's thoughts about anything?....Like that one below!..

it's been the most debatable among men these days, about their ideas of anything, they tend to be creative, yet being perfectionist, so Men these days are on the run of Perfectionism!...i thought and i also believed that only Women were, still are, perfectionists (they ought to be-u knw wat i mean)....Or another thought,men being perfectionists, are independent?...INDEPENDENT?...nah, what about asking your girlfren's or girlfrens' helps to do your fucking assignments or other works, like blow job?-this is perfectionism? this is independent?...or this is what makes you a MAN?...a lecturer WOMAN said to me, in the bunch of men in general, that where men would be if the enemies or aliens or cockroaches attacking?...i know the answer, i'm tending the quilt!..i'm warming up the bed with my ass and my macho little brother-Mr.Penis becOz i gave orders to the women or any less-men or men to protect me!...i have seen or watched in the movies about male Criminals, regardless age, who would attack a guy or a hero with slashing knife on a woman's neck (as a hostage)...what the heck?...i think that is what makes a Man!

so, about Men being perfectionists, would that be necessary for the good of this world?...as much as i know, when men being perfectionists, they will have a mixture of dragon's-smoky-noosseey attitude, emotional emotions (kalah Moony Women), and dangerous acts...what for?...adoration?...get a life!

i heard the lecture today that there was a list of men who had the feminist angles. i think it is okay men have that. the men talked about the reality of the genders...you think you are great, let us see HOW you think!

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